Foxconn & Pegatron Begin Assembling Retina Display iPad 3 For Launch In Early March [Rumor]



Foxconn Electronics and Pegatron Technology have reportedly begun production of Apple’s next-generation iPad 3. The new device is expected to boast a high-resolution Retina display from Sharp, according to one report, with a launch scheduled for early March.

Japanese blog Macotakara, a site that’s previously been impressively accurate with its Apple reports, cites Chinese sources who have confirmed that Foxconn and Pegatron have now received orders from Apple for its third-generation iPad, which will launch in early March.

The device will be identical to the iPad 2, according to the report — with the same button configuration, dock connector, and camera positions — but with a slightly thicker body and a new high-resolution 2048 x 1536 display from Sharp.

Your iPad 2’s Smart Cover will reportedly be compatible with the new device, but some fitted cases may not thanks to that added bulk.

These claims mirror those we’ve already seen from a number of recent reports, the most notable of which was a report from iLounge published yesterday, which claims to have gone hands-on with a rear shell from the new device. iLounge also reports the iPad 3 will get a new rear-facing camera similar to that of Apple’s new iPhone 4S. Macotakara’s report does not mention this, however.

Pegatron will assemble 85% of the new devices, sources claim, with Foxconn only producing 15%.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • ddevito

    I find it strange for apple to deliver two iPads this year – only if perhaps they introduce an iPad Mini in the Fall. Otherwise, why do they need to?

    Heck, honestly, if they just introduce extended functionality for the iPad 2 (more core apps, Siri, etc) they’d still sell a kajillion of them this year.

    I know you all label me an Android troll – but the iPad 2 has seriously changed my landscape of technology. My 2 year old daughter uses it, has tons of apps for it (great educational apps), the wife reads on it – it’s honestly hands down the best piece if tech I’ve ever owned.

    Cheers to Apple for the iPad.

  • prof_peabody

    There is no reason at all to expect that there *will* be two iPads this year.  That was only a *rumour*, and it came from one of the least reliable rumour sites on the web.  The iPad came out in March last year and this years (single) model is likely coming out in March as well.

  • AvoidDroid

    Agreed ! And those Spring and Fall iPad release rumors can only harm iPad 3 sales as some potential buyers might hold off on buying, anticipating that the next one can only be somehow better. I wish that Apple would be more forthcoming with dispelling rumors like that.