Looxcie Adds Free Social Streaming App To Its Sport Video Cam



The Looxcie camera is a neat little gadget by itself, able to clip onto an ear and record 30-second video bursts of your life. Now it has a fantastic little streaming app that you can use to stream those clips and even allows two-way voice communication. Hello, ultra-portable broadcast team.

The app, called LooxcieLive, looks pretty simple to use, even though it’s filled with options. You can broadcast video to a group of viewers you’ve invited and replay videos after you’ve streamed them. Not yet implemented but coming soon are features that will allow you to permanently save and replay videos (they’re currently saved for 24 hours only) and the ability to watch those videos from a web browser (currently you can only watch them from your iPhone).

The app is free, and Looxcie is calling it a beta — so expect a few glitches.