Speck’s Sexy, Sporty CandyShell Grip Is The Last Case iPhone Gamers Will Ever Need [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – iPhone cases are like the condoms of CES: with an insinuating wink, everyone’s always handing you a free one. Speck’s latest case, though, managed to impress us despite the perpetual bombardment of its competitors. It’s called the Candy Shell grip, and it’s a sporty looking case aimed at gamers with a couple of neat little twists.

The Candy Shell Grip is a soft rubber case made specifically to give you a good hand on your iPhone during the frenetic times when it’s most likely to go sailing out of your grip. As such, the back is overlaid with a series of rubberized fins which give your thumbs and fingers a firmer purchase.

That’s nice, and it certainly feels pretty good in our hands, but what we really like is the slightly raised lip around the device, guaranteeing that your fingers won’t go sailing off when you are, say, slashing down a thirty-foot mechanoid ogre in Infinity Blade II, or frantically sending a quick important text.

The CandyShell Grip is already available in a variety of colors for the iPod touch, and is coming to the iPhone 4S imminently. Price will be $34.95. Whether you’re a hardcore texter, a hardcore gamer or someone who just likes their iPhone to look like a race car, we feel pretty good about recommending this one.

  • Aj Tk427

    wow, since you actually have one, how about a better picture.  This looks like Mr. Blurry-cam paid a visit, just a shame this isn’t exactly top secret iPad 3 or iPhone 5 pics.

  • FriarNurgle

    I wouldn’t mind a gaming case with buttons. 

  • Dodge208

    If you have a spare one to send to me in the UK that would be great;)

  • Randy Loughridge

    Does the case project the sound forward towards the display? Looks like audio openings in the front making the case longer. I’m always covering the speaker with my meaty hands when I play, the headphone jack is always in the way with headphones. 

  • Mystakill

    BUYER BEWARE: Speck will invalidate your replacement warranty if you purchase your case from an “unauthorized” reseller.

    Speck refused to replace my broken iPhone case (a design flaw in the Candyshell cases which causes the bottom-front of the case to crack where the cable connects) because I hadn’t purchased it from a vendor on their unpublished list of “Speck Authorized sales retailers”.  Their concern was that I had purchased a counterfeit case from an unauthorized reseller, even though they had already replaced it once before earlier in the year.  I made the point that A) they don’t publish a list of authorized resellers, B) most buyers are unaware that there even are “unauthorized” resellers, and C) if Speck has issues with unauthorized resellers and/or counterfeit items, they should go after those vendors, not their customers.