CES Unveiled [Gallery]



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Last night the Cult of Mac staff was given a sneak peek at the latest and greatest products at the CES Unveiled event. Here is a small sample of what was shown.

Case-Mate  has a brand new spring line of fun iPhone cases. the $30 Case with the slap band stand will give plenty of playtime while protecting your iPhone.

Rohan Marley (Bob Marley’s 7th child) was in the house. He was promoting the latest speakers from the House of Marley.

The iwatchz turns the iPod nano into a proper watch. The nano slides directly onto the watch band for a secure fit. Tons of fun colors to accessorize any outfit.

The BodyMedia FIT armband is a truth serum. Worn 24 hours a day it tracks your activities and and reports your stats on your iPhone. A Bluetooth-capable band retails for $199.00.

The LiftMaster garage door opener paired with MyQ technology allows you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere on your iPad for $350 installed.

Dexim introduced CLickStick, a Bluetooth camera remote and flex mount. For only $39.99 you can now include yourself in those fun group party photos to post on Facebook.

The Wi-Spi Helicopter for $119.99 is a video surveillance vehicle that records video and pictures. Your neighbors will never suspect that the tiny toy plane is really watching them.

The Invoxia NVX610 will jazz up your office phone. It’s the first desktop that integrates your iPhone and iPad as a control interface for $599.99

The vpulse in-ear headphones by Velodyne retail for $89.00. They look cool and have a great fit and sound.

Bikn helps you find what matters most. Like your keys or purse. For $99.99 you get a case and one tag to track your stuff. You can buy additional tags (2 for $49.99) to tag your kids or pets.