Meet Cult Of Mac’s CES 2012 Super Team And Make Sure To Follow Our Coverage Next Week! [CES 2012]



The world’s largest gadget showcase starts on Sunday in Las Vegas, and as we have in years past, Cult of Mac will be at Consumer Electronic Show 2012 from day one to report on the latest iOS and Apple news, the most important tech trends, the best accessories and gadgets, as well as rock out at the some of the most bitchin’ and downright bizarre parties Sin City has ever seen.

On our website, you’ll be able to access all of our CES coverage by visiting our dedicated CES 2012 page.

For this CES, Cult of Mac is rolling in with its deep bench deployed. Here’s who’ll be on the ground, along with their Twitter handles. Follow us for on-the-floor updates, or if you’re at CES and see one of us, make sure to say hi.

Leander Kahney, Editor (Twitter: @lkahney)

John Brownlee, News Editor (Twitter: @drcrypt)

Eli Milchman, Reviews Editor (Twitter: @elimilchman)

Buster Heine, Community Manager (Twitter: @bst3r)

Erfon Elijah, Reporter (Twitter: @erfon)

Traci Dauphin, Gallery Editor

Also, make sure to be following Cult of Mac’s official Twitter account at @cultofmac for exclusive news, first looks, notes from the showfloors and even give aways next week, all in real time. You’ll be glad you did.

See you guys next week for the most exciting week in tech!

  • FriarNurgle

    You guys should get matching outfits. May I suggest Snuggies? 

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  • Jonathon Wilson

    Hopefully John Brownlee gets lost trying to get there. Can’t stand that idiot.

  • Buster

    I’ll totally rock the snuggie on the showroom floor as long as Leander does

  • Alex

    Could we change John Brownlee’s title of News Editor to something starting with inept or link baiter ?

  • dale2582

    How did brownlee make the super team? He’s just gonna post more stupid articles