Blast From The Past: A Tribute To System 7 And eWorld



For those who yearn for the glory days of the Classic Mac OS and Beige Boxes, Andrea Grell offers up an authentic and interactive working demo of System 7 running on a Performa 6116CD. From the startup chime to eWorld, this blast from the past is worthy viewing for all old Mac fans.

Welcome to Macintosh is a Flash-based demo – leaving out iPad viewers – but the tradeoff is worthwhile in this case. The old Mac boots in System 7.5.1 to the Finder. From there you can view all the menus, launch a few applications, or play the virtual CD loaded in the AppleCD Audio Player. Stickies opens up with general instructions, and a pair of menubar eyeballs follow your cursor around onscreen.

The highlight of the demo is an interactive tour of eWorld, Apple’s online service option (“walled garden”) of the period. Competing with AOL, CompuServe and MSN, eWorld’s menus and services will look familiar to anyone online in the mid 1990s. When connecting you actually hear the modem tones as your Mac dials-up your ISP – this cracked me up – along with the welcoming sounds of eWorld and “You Have Mail!”

Alas, Apple killed eWorld in 1996, as the service just couldn’t compete with AOL and their onslaught of floppy disks and CDs crowding our mailboxes.

Worth a look.

  • Allan Robertson


  • ismailkarim23

    thanks Andrea!

  • Al

    Great work!

  • Karl

    This is great. I loved being a Mac users back in the nineties.

  • joewaylo

    This sure does bring back memories of the good old days. eWorld looks kind of familiar to me in another version based on a video game mmorpg dialup service. It costed an arm and a leg to play like today’s age of in-app purchasing where you have to pay $50 for a few hours of game time to log in and play games.

  • Adam Silver

    I still have the original eWorld 3.5 discs sealed in a bag… collectors item?  for sale? )  that along with loads of posters, shwag etc.   Wonder if it has value?! 

  • Cowboy Ron

    Ahh, The March of the Icons, the bulging trashcan.  Ahh, yes.  I remember them well.  Can you recognize and name all the icons?  The last one is After Dark.  I still have my old Mac Plus that boots and runs from an 800K disk.  It also runs the black and white After Dark “Fishes.”

  • Adam Rosen

    After Dark actually runs as part of this demo.  Flying Toasters comes after a few minutes of inactivity.