Kanye West is not known for his modesty. He once appeared on a Rolling Stone cover portraying Jesus wearing a crown of thorns. In 2004, he stormed out of the American Music Awards after not winning Best New Artist, saying “I was definitely robbed… I was the best new artist of the year.” Even President Obama has called Kanye West a “jackass.”

With all that in mind… hey guys! Guess who just declared himself the next Steve Jobs?

Speaking on his official Twitter account, Kanye spoke about his plans for Donda, a new design company Kanye recently founded named after his mother Donda West, who died from complications from breast augmentation surgery back in 2007.

Us Weekly summarizes the rant:

Donda will “pick up where Steve Jobs left off,” West said of the late, visionary Apple founder. With 22 divisions of writers, DJs, publicists, designers, musicians, scientists and much more, the company will strive to “make products and experiences that people want and can afford,” West said, “to help simplify and aesthetically improve everything we see hear, touch, taste and feel,” and “dream of, create, advertise and produce products driven equally by emotional want and utilitarian need… To marry our wants and needs.”

Kanye then goes on to say that he will be doing everything from revolutionizing summer school programs to releasing a science-fiction film about the 2016 Olympics, and concluded by noting: “I care about people who have never heard of me. There are over 7 billion people on the planet now.” Excellent.

Kanye, Imma let you finish, but those are foaming-at-the-mouth buzzwords. They are neither a cogent corporate design philosophy. What does that spiel even mean? If you want to be the next Steve Jobs, time to embrace his taste for simplicity: he was able to state his aims in just a short sentence. “I want to change the world.”

  • adamjayreid

    Actual quote: We can collectively effect the world trough design. We need to pick up where steve jobs left off

    …which came where he was discussing society as a whole.  Mac news that slow today that you have to make shit up to generate traffic?

  • Chris

    hm..let’s see what comes out of it…maybe my next computer will be a Kanytosh

  • Ernesto Valladares

    Kayne is such an asshole ignorant MF …I can not stand the sight of him or the drone  of his talentless ranting  voice ..he respects no one and is less than nothing meaningless arrogant AssHOLE….  from Jesus to Jobs ..really why even give this half a H_M_ ant any print time

    I have renewed faith in Obama since learning he called this asshole Kayne a JACKASS ….love you President Obama Commander -in- Chief

  • qka

    President Obama has called Kanye West a “jackass.”

    Wow! Something even the President’s opponents can agree upon!

    Too bad his mother passed away. If she were alive, she should take her braggart son over her knee and thoroughly warm his butt.

  • Michael diCanio

    “What does that spiel even mean?”Exactly. Can we make this ass go away? I mean, like, don’t write about him? At all?

  • Michael diCanio

    “What does that spiel even mean?”Exactly. Can we make this ass go away? I mean, like, don’t write about him? At all?

  • Ed_Kel

    Wall Street Occupier turned Entrepreneur?!

    Who would have thought.

  • Beth

    Um, I don’t see the connection to Apple or Mac. So he made some comment about Steve Jobs, CoM should not have given any space to an article on this person or any one else that doesn’t affect Apple or Mac, users, fans, etc. CoM and all the commenters (including me now) have just validated this guy with wasting our time.

  • Charles Sanabria-Skaar

    First of all, Kanye didn’t say HE would be the next Steve Jobs. He stated that his new company DONDA would try and pick up where Jobs left off. And? So? What’s the problem with someone aspiring to such levels of greatness? Obviously Jobs serves as a role-model of sorts to Kanye’s visions and aspirations. Nothing wrong with that at all. Second: They mention Kanye’s obvious narcissism and arrogance…and lack of modesty….however…let us not forget that Jobs himself, revered as one of the greatest inventors/business men of our time and a MAJOR historic figure as far as technology goes…was NOTORIOUS for being exceptionally arrogant, rude, far from modest, a tyrant, obnoxious at times, insensitive, condescending and down right MEAN! Think on that.

  • Ed_Kel

    Jobs was married to his company. Kanye is just a tool. He doesn’t have the mental capacity to pick up where jobs left off.

  • Charles Sanabria-Skaar

    If anyone wants to make the argument that it’s far reaching for Kanye and co. to think he can succeed in creating and having such a major impact on the world as Jobs did, then that’s an argument to have.  But pointing out his arrogance and him being a bit of an “asshole” is kind of silly considering Jobs held the same exact if not worse reputation.  FACT!  So, I’m just sayin’.  Being a Kanye fan or not, anyone with some sense can see the point here. 

  • Ed_Kel

    Sense? Jobs was “arrogant, rude, far from modest, a tyrant, obnoxious at times, insensitive, condescending and down right MEAN!” only to the people that helped him pursue his exceptional vision and/or to people that got in his way of that pursuit. Kanye is just an asshole.

    Trying to make a point that it’s silly to compare reputation based solely on arrogance  and “asshole”-ism between a purpose-driven historical figure and an dumbass is just plain stupid.

  • TylerHoj

    YES! Imma let you finish. 

  • Charles Sanabria-Skaar

    Clearly you didn’t get it.  All I’m saying is that regardless of Job’s reputation as an “asshole” (take your pick: whether to everyone, his family, friends, employees or whomever)…he still achieved greatness and was a genius.  Now, before you go saying that I’m saying West is a genius….don’t bother.  I’m not comparing the two in terms of creative ability, business ability or intelligence.  Just stating that it’s absurd to say “Kanye could never be a Steve Jobs because he’s an asshole and arrogant!”   Being an “ASSHOLE” is irrelevant here when it comes to someone’s ability to be successful at what they set out to do!   That’s ALL.  Hell, on that note, I’m sure if you put your mind to it you probably achieve a great many things yourself!  

  • Ed_Kel

    Sorry. Maybe I should be more clear. Kanye has made it very clear in the past years that he doesn’t care about the world as a whole. He only cares about himself and his “brothas” and if he wants to “pick up where Steve Jobs left off” then he has a lot of soul searching to do before he, or anything he does, will be taken seriously.

    His Twitter rant was just a bizarre sales pitch in hopes to sucker people into buying his shit.

    To summarize, Kanye doesn’t have the ability to become successful like Jobs until and only IF he can get past his own “materialistic; pop-ghetto; entitled to everything” nature.

    Now … Hopefully this clears the reasoning behind the other comments that you seem not to agree with.

  • QJeremiah

    Who is this idiot ?

  • Darius

    John Brownlee & Ed_Keel are tools.  Brownlee inaccurately quoted Kanye in order to get haters like Ed_Keel riled up.  Hmmmm “materialistic; pop-ghetto; entitled to everything” only cares about his “brothas,” stop being a lil punk b**th Ed and tell us how you REALLY feel!  Truth is neither Ed_Keel nor John Brownlee will stand in the way of Kanye’s success.  I agree that he is bit of a jerk… but then who are ANY OF US to judge him?  He wants to share his genius with the world in the manner that Steve Jobs did, then I’d have to say more power to him!!! 

  • Dilbert A

    I heard that he uses an Andriod phone.

  • adamjayreid

    Wanna lose credibility, call something “pop-ghetto”.  Just say black.  As a black male I’ll respect you more for having the balls to cop to your bigotry.

  • volodoscope

    Holly shait, I can’t stand this guy.

  • Stephen Parkinson

    Kanye. put the crack pipe down.

  • UBERXZero

    I dunno if someone wanted to describe the current sound of rap as “pop-ghetto” they wouldn’t be far off. And rap is Kanye’s genre.

  • Hondamaker

    His ‘genius’? He’s an idiot with a big mouth and an extroverted personality. That makes him come across as someone who knows his stuff, but intelligent people can read between the lines.

  • Ronald Stepp

    Kanye being the next Steve Jobs is like Woody from Cheers being the next Stephen Hawking.  Look out Einstein!

    Although, he does have the asshole part down.

  • Mark_8

    …Rappers can’t innovate. If rappers applied the same methods they use in their “music” to making tech, they’d be making “remixes” of other people’s inventions. I can see it now, an iMac that’s the same in every way but instead of the classic chime upon booting, it plays a raspy voice yelling “Uhhhhh yeee gimme some more snare uhhhh yee.. iMac in da HOUSE!” 

  • John

    He’s narcissistic enough, and more than black enough to be the next 0bama!!!

  • Ed_Kel

    Awe did I pinch your racial nerve, Darius? Let me break it down for ya like a fraction – “I ain’t sayin she a gold digga, but she ain’t messin with a broke n****a”; Materialistic much? He’s popular and wrote songs like “Ghetto University”; do I need to spell it out for you any clearer? I thought “pop-ghetto” pretty much summed it up. Taking the spotlight from Taylor Swift because he thought Beyonce deserved the reward more and saying that President Bush “doesn’t care about black people”, not to mention his thought of whites as “the devil”, would lead anyone to believe that he only cares about his “brothas”. Finally, he was (and maybe still is) active in the occupy wall street movement which tells me he believes in entitlement.

    And I’m a punk bitch for pointing out the obvious? I’m riled up at the fact that people actually believe this man is capable of doing anything for anybody other than himself. Whether the quote was accurate or not is irrelevant. Educate yourself before you run your mouth.

    It’s Ed_Kel, by the way, not Keel.

    P.s. It doesn’t mean true to your character judging Brownlee and myself then preaching about the audacity that we all have for judging Kanye West. And yet we’re tools…?

  • CRodBlogs


  • Ed_Kel

    Bigotry? I mean, he did write a song called “Ghetto University” and his genre of music is popular. I would hate to consider his noise rap or hip-hop or “black” in the frightening realization that I would’ve disrespected real men of the industry like 2Pac or Biggie.

    Call me a bigot; call me a racist. I know what I am and what I’m not. I just hope you can see past your own bigotry to catch a tiny glimpse of the point I made.

  • Christopher

    This guy’s ego is the extermely annoyinng.

  • SevanGrim

    how incredibly ignorant of you. I have no love for the walking stupidity known as Kanye, but to say rappers cant innovate makes you the type of person who whould make unfounded claims based off of personal bias. You know, like Kanye himself.
    While this is not a bad idea, its not a particularly great one either. Kanye wants to do EXACTLY what Job’s wanted to do. And he might be capable of doing it. The only thing that makes this annoying is that he announced it like that. It shows that his ego is still in the driver seat, and that will break his dreams if he doesnt keep it in check.

  • Cesar Florez

    I used to like Kanye before, now that he says this i think hes a total Moron. Next Steve Jobs?? seriously?? the only computer or screen this a**hole looks at is his blackberry for a second to post something idiotic on Tumblr or Twitter. Go and damage another Maybach with Jay why don’t you.. you want to help people that don’t know you? try donating some of those maybachs and bentleys you drive around in first. take a dummies course in programming and when you graduate from that stage post something else a little bit more lucrative. sooo Saddd.. seriously.  

  • Anonymous

    You called Kanye “walking stupidity” but then argue that he might be capable of doing what Jobs has done. Do you know what you’re even arguing for?