This Ghastly Gold iPhone Case Will Cost You $10,000



Look at that big ugly thing. It’s not pretty, it’s boring, and it’s not even all that protective — leaving the top and bottom ends of your iPhone exposed to the elements. But despite these insufficiencies, its manufacturers will charge you $10,000 for the thing simply because it’s made from solid gold.

The case comes from Miansai, a design company based in Miami, Florida, famous for its luxurious (and expensive!) keychains and jewelry. It’s made-to-order from 14-karat gold and could be the most expensive iPhone 4 case in the world, rocking a price tag of $10,000.

Each case is engraved with a unique identification number and takes around two weeks to ship from the date you place your order. Not that you’re likely to make an order. I mean, who’s really going to spend $10,000 on an iPhone case?

While this could be one of the more acceptable luxury iPhone cases we’ve seen so far — which are usually encrusted with crystals, diamonds, or even animal parts — we still don’t recommend that you remortgage your house to buy one.

[via iDownloadBlog]

  • VGISoftware

    It’s more open at the top so that the phone can be slid in. Gold isn’t nearly as flexible as plastic. It’s more open at the bottom because a narrow strip of gold across the bottom front would be too bendable. And its textured surface is most likely meant to hide some fingerprints–at least until it gets polished with use.

    But then, if you look at its design, it’s not meant to protect the phone, but to be an adornment for it.

    If I were wealthy enough, I think it’d be an interesting bauble to carry around. I’ve always been impressed with both the weight as well as the beauty and lustre of even 14K gold. Beautiful alloy!

  • CaveMan5464

    Your a tool box.

  • VGISoftware

    The only tool here is YOU. Learn how to spell, you dolt.

  • CaveMan5464

    You call me stupid due to spelling abbreviations, yet your the one who would buy a $10k case for a $850 phone… I refer back to my comment above.

  • VGISoftware

    You didn’t get the spelling reference, did ja. It’s “YOU’RE”, not “YOUR”. Free spelling lesson. YOU’RE welcome!

    Of course anything like this gold case would be “stupid” to a “caveman” wouldn’t it.

  • Josiah Carminati

    If you have enough money to spend $10k on a “prestige” case I don’t think you’re really going to be worried about having to replace a $700 dollar phone if it happens to break. :) Personally, I find it sad that people would spend money on a stupid iPhone case that could instead build a school in africa… jus’ sayin’…

  • CaveMan5464

    I am aware of the difference in meaning of the two words. Your describes position and You’re does not. That is exactly what I meant by abbreviation… I’m sorry YOUR too smart for me. I’m shocked I have been able to keep up with YOU’RE intellect this long. Thank you for enlightening my future, from now on, trust me when I say; I will never, ever use poor grammar in forums again…

    My point simply was, a case that costs 10 times the cost of the item it contains, is nonsense.

     Just so we are on the same page you’re an asshat.

    Have a nice day Sir.

  • VGISoftware

    You’re just proving my point over and over, aren’cha pal!

  • typ7

    Hilariously pimp

  • Rob Henry

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  • Rob Henry

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