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This Ghastly Gold iPhone Case Will Cost You $10,000



Look at that big ugly thing. It’s not pretty, it’s boring, and it’s not even all that protective — leaving the top and bottom ends of your iPhone exposed to the elements. But despite these insufficiencies, its manufacturers will charge you $10,000 for the thing simply because it’s made from solid gold.

The case comes from Miansai, a design company based in Miami, Florida, famous for its luxurious (and expensive!) keychains and jewelry. It’s made-to-order from 14-karat gold and could be the most expensive iPhone 4 case in the world, rocking a price tag of $10,000.

Each case is engraved with a unique identification number and takes around two weeks to ship from the date you place your order. Not that you’re likely to make an order. I mean, who’s really going to spend $10,000 on an iPhone case?

While this could be one of the more acceptable luxury iPhone cases we’ve seen so far — which are usually encrusted with crystals, diamonds, or even animal parts — we still don’t recommend that you remortgage your house to buy one.

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