This Amazing Interactive iPhone Was Created Entirely Out Of CSS3 + Javascript


Screen Shot 2012-01-03 at 1.34.17 PM

See that iPhone 4 above? If you click here, you can see it in its full, remarkable glory on the website of its creator, HTML5 and CSS3 maestro Vasily Zubach.

Why is it so remarkable? Because in its original incarnation, it was accomplished entirely in Javascript and CSS. That’s right: there’s not a single image file in the whole shebang.

If that doesn’t convince you of the power of CSS3, well, how about this: the CSS3 iPhone is also interactive, and you can even click the home button, slide to unlock the phone, or shut it off by hitting the power button.

Amazing. Who the $#@! needs Flash?

[via TNW]

  • iStevei

    ugly, not looks real. what the crap? this is news?

  • Lawrie Malen

    For pure CSS3/jQuery, that is fantastic; but maybe don’t use it to support your own “Yarrggh! Who needs Flash because it is rubbish!” statement.  Because it’s just nonsense.

  • tekunoloji

    It’s hardly what I would call functional too. Only the home button, power/hold button and slide to unlock is usable. What else? Nothing.

  • Lindsay Manahan

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  • buyrihn_the_amazing

    weird, fragments of sentence. why you here? bait for trolls?

  • Adam Harris

    Can please we find a new word used to describe stuff?  Not everything is “amazing”.

  • SevanGrim

    …not sure if they where using Javascript or not, but this has been done several times since the first ipod touch. If there was a way to implement this onto non-apple phones or tablets, or create a functioning ipod hollogram… THAT would be news. This is Brownlee trying to post x amount of useless garbage a day.


    Ummm, where’s the one that you made?

  • mlahero

    Totally agree. Not all of us hate Flash, in fact a lot of us love it or at least appreciate that it helps push forward web technology.

  • Clark Wallace

    Apple sell fully functioning ones starting from $99 I believe with a choice of 3 different carriers.

  • Al

    I agree. It’s amazing how often people use that word.

  • Al

    I totally agree. Right now it would take a fraction of the time to create something like that in Adobe Flash. I can barely imagine how long it would take to do this in HTML5/CSS3/JS. And as for cross-browser compatibility… aggghh.

    It’s a great proof of concept for what the near future will bring, but that’s all for now.