Kindle Fire Holiday Sales Cost Apple ‘At Most’ 1-2M iPad Sales


Photo by the queen of subtle -
Photo by the queen of subtle -

In the highly-competitive holiday sales period, Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire tablet ‘at most’ cost Apple 1 million to 2 million iPad sales, one Wall Street observer said today. Despite the dent in sales, the tech giant is expected to turn in record iPad sales figures for this quarter.

“Based on data from Amazon, we believe the Amazon Fire likely sold 4-5 million units in the holiday season,” Morgan Keenan analyst Travis McCourt told investors. That means “maybe 1-2 million cannibalized iPad sales at most.” As we reported, Amazon announced sales figures of 1 million “Kindle devices” per week in December. By comparison, Apple sold 4.2 million iOS devices (iPads, iPhones and iPod touches) on Christmas Day, alone.

McCourt believes some lost iPad holiday sales were enough that the tablet will comprise slightly less of Apple’s forecast overall revenue. The analyst sees the iPad comprising 21.3 percent of December revenue. While more than the 17.2 percent from a year ago, his estimate is less than the 24.3 percent from September’s blowout quarter.

The analyst also increased his projection for iPhone sales during the holiday quarter to 29 million units, up from 27 million. As a result, the handset will comprise 47.5 percent of Apple’s overall December quarter revenue, up from 39.1 percent a year ago and 38.8 percent in September.

However, the analyst lowered his estimates for Mac sales during the holiday period, predicting 4.8 million unit sales, down from 4.9 million. The forecast is lower than the September quarter, when the tech giant reported selling 4.9 million Macs. Traditionally, Mac December sales have been larger than the previous September.

Although his prediction is lower, McCourt sees Apple’s 4.8 million units sales for the holidays performing higher than a relatively flat PC market.

  • Ho H Viet

  • Jordan Clay

    “Amazon announced sales figures of 1 million “Kindle devices” per wek in December. By comparison, Apple sold 4.2 million iOS devices (iPads, iPhones and iPod touches) on Christmas Day, alone.”

    Spin Much???  C’mon Ed, I thought you were better than this

  • Andreas Booher

    What does that prove?  Or are you just bragging about having so much money that you don’t need to carry your oh so heavy iPad around?

  • Andreas Booher

    “Wall Street observer” is probably the most useless phrase used in tech reporting.  This guy is basing his estimate about how many fewer iPads Apple sold because of the Kindle Fire based on what?

    Also, to claim that Apple sold 4.2 million iOS devices on Christmas Day is disingenuous at best and downright misleading at worst because:
    1) this figure was based on some guessing done by Forbes
    2) activations ? sales, just because Apple may have had 4.2 million iOS device activations in that one very special day doesn’t mean that they have had sales days with those kind of figures this past December
    3) iOS devices ? Kindle Fire, I don’t think iPhone sales much influence Kindle Fire sales, those two products aren’t really of the types to cannibalize each others sales. 

  • Andreas Booher

    It’s spin AND the word “week” is misspelled.

  • ddevito

    Sounds like a victory to me. The real impact will be a $299 iPad this year.

    Consumers = winning.

  • Simon John Othen

    about time there were more horses in the race….apples rip off prices might come down now !

  • Gabriel Schroeder

    I bought one for my 85yr old mother and the Damn thing has more wi-fi issues then hell….. it’s going back and she’s getting my original ipad and i’m getting the ipad2. Fire sucks!

  • Lindsay Manahan

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  • djrobsd

    LOL you guys downplay the impact this will have to Apple’s revenue.  1-2 million lost ipad sales = over 1 billion dollars in lost revenue, not to mention future revenue from sales of ibooks, apps, and other stuff.