Animate Your Jailbroken iPhone’s App Icons With This Motion Tweak



iOS devices receive a lot of criticism for their static app icons, which, although often pretty, are a little boring to look at. Other than the Newsstand icon, which changes depending on which publications you have installed within, iOS icons do nothing.

If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, however, you can make them a little more exciting. Motion is a nifty tweak available from within Cydia, which will animate the app icons on your home screen with all sorts of fancy effects.

Motion is just $1 in the Cydia Store, and it’s a must-have for those of you who are slightly obsessed with customizing your device. Once installed, the tweak provides you with animated app icons that will rotate, scale, skew, flip, jump, wave, and more.

You can choose which animations you’d like to see — and toggle the feature on and off — within the its settings menu. Here’s a hands-on video that shows Motion in action, courtesy of our friends over at iDownloadBlog:

Motion works with iPhones running iOS 4 and iOS 5, and you can find it in the BigBoss repo.

[via iDB]

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6 responses to “Animate Your Jailbroken iPhone’s App Icons With This Motion Tweak”

  1. Peter Petrovski says:

    Who would want to do this.

  2. pollix says:

    It’s pretty cool to look at, but I can’t see it as something that can last very long.  I think that it would start getting old as you would want to tap on an app and its bouncing around.  But, I’m sure someone out there would like it.

    The real question is, how is it toward battery life?

  3. Aj Tk427 says:

    yah, wow, 1 buck to drain my battery, no thanks.

  4. joewaylo says:

    Live Tile Icons seem more preferable like the ones introduced a few weeks ago. Where information contained within the app itself shows up automatically in text format. And the ability to add extended wallpapers like for Android 2/3/4 OSs.

    This looks more like making the icons do silly jumpy things for $1 with battery drainage as a bonus.

  5. Denoir says:

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  6. Brandon Dillon says:

    Despite the other comments, I think this is a pretty awesome little tweak.

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