Video Shows Spoiled Kids Crying On Twitter Because They Didn’t Get an iPhone For Christmas




(Warning: video is NSFW)

All I wanted for Christmas was an iPhone. That’s it. But my parents went off and bought me a stupid Kindle Fire…those dumb bastards. Actually I’d be pretty happy with receiving a new Kindle Fire, and I already have an iPhone 4S with the fancy camera and everything so I don’t need a new one of those, but apparently a lot of people were disappointed on Christmas morning when they didn’t unwrap a shiny new iPhone. Taking the audacity of privileged consumerism to new heights of hilarity, comedy writer Jon Hendren compiled the stream of dejected tweets into a music video to express the world’s ingratidude.

“WTF?! I Wanted An iPhone” is a catchy (but NSFW) tune that captures little treasures of bitterness that bloomed on Christmas morning. The enormous display of ingratitude is a bit shocking. Hey @SamStandsFoSwag we’re sorry mom and dad got you the black iPod Touch instead of the white one, but maybe when you graduate high school and get a job you’ll realize, “Oh dang, spending $200 on a silly music player is not the funnest thing to do in world.”

To be fair, most of the tweets in the video are from teenagers who have expectations of receiving either a car or an iPhone and probably have limited understandings about the concept of money. But that doesn’t make the complaints anymore satiable. We’re just hoping @kali1209‘s parents got her an iPhone so she didn’t kill herself.

What do you make of all these petulant tweets? Surprised? What’s your favorite tweet from the video? Let us see it in the comments.

  • Evan Benford

    This makes me feel pretty good that I’m able to afford my own iPhone and bill and I’m saving to buy my own car at a rather young age.

  • TechAficionado

    This is our future people…  Spoiled brats!

  • c.t

    It is very sad indeed it is.

  • Steven Chaffer

    Not to be an ass but isn’t COM, 9to5 mac, and all the other sites… and America as a whole a little responsible for making kids want these expensive devices? They sure helped my spoiled ass spend a LOT of my paychecks on Apple crap that just sits on my desk……
     But I guess the difference is I WORK for my money.Non the less, these kids need a real wakeup call. A trip down to the local homeless shelter might just give them a different view of life, Good God.

  • TechAficionado

    AMEN my friend, AMEN!!!!!

  • Camerongerardy

    Well i think this is the proof that al those CEO’s who say that teens don’t like the iPhone are wrong

  • AppleKilledMobileFlash

    I’d be pissed, too, if I wanted an iPad and got stuck with some cheap-ass Kindle.  Hey, when you got your heart set on something, it hurts when you don’t get it.  I know Christmas isn’t about receiving gifts, but that’s just human nature to be disappointed when you get some cheap imitation of the real thing.  Asking for an iPhone and getting a substitute Galaxy S II is a freaking bummer.  Make whoever got it for you, to return it and get you the real deal, kids.

  • dale2582

    You belong in that music video… It’s the thought that counts

  • firesign

    The future of mankind, ladies and gentlemen.

  • firesign

    It would seem that what counts is getting an iPhone, iPad, and/or a car.

  • Jordan Clay

    That Kali1209  deserves a book on manners, preferably upside the head, listen to a few of her last tweets

    “Mom ur such a bitch i swear!”

    “Why is my mom so dramatic?”

    “My teachers r fucking assholes like go kill yourself”

    She’s a peach

  • Jordan Clay

    It’s not about WANTING the products.  It is the entitlement that people are irked over.  I wanted an ipad, so I went out and bought it with the money I worked for and earned. I didn’t go to my parents and demand they get me a $500-800 product because they were lucky to have me as a son.  Read my other post up a bit and see the kind of kids that are in the video.

  • TECreasey

    I work all hours god sends to earn money for what I have. I am only 23 but I feel ashamed of young people who demand stuff from their parents. Kids get spoilt these days and don’t know the true meaning of Christmas or have any respect for money.

    It is such a sad thing to see.

  • Kelvin Smith

    I’m happy with my kindle fire! But then again I’ve had an iPhone since 2008…

  • Tombo

    I think this is just the internet’s ability to amplify what every kid has ever thought about not getting the Christmas present they wanted. When Ralphie said he didn’t get the BB gun he wanted for Christmas, he was probably thinking something much more … honest.

  • Al

    These kids could be just a tiny minority of those who wanted an iProduct but got something else. I’m sure plenty of kids were happy and grateful with whatever their parents got them.

    At least that’s what I hope!

  • Al

    It’s ok. Thanks to Twitter, I’m sure someone will make sure she’s amongst the first to die come the revolution.

  • Al

    I agree with you, there’s nothing wrong with being disappointed. But it’s certainly not okay to call your own mother a “Bitch” because she didn’t spend X hundred $$$ more on you. I know it’s cliché, but there are people starving in this world… statistically two or three children have died from poverty-related problems in the time it’s taken you to read this message.

    But no, my Mom is a f**king bitch coz she didn’t buy me an iPad. Whine whine whine. Someone please pass the shotgun.

  • Samuel John Klein

    … or complaining at all about getting what are pretty groovy tech toys when so many people in this world, through the vicissitudes of fate, would be thrilled to have a few bucks extra just to pay a bill or cover a debt.

    The video tells a joke – funny, timely, but one that leaves an incredibly bitter tasted in the mouth for having laughed at it.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    I agree! I have been planning to buy an iPad with money I have saved up from caddying. I was planning to buy one this spring when the new one comes out but out of nowhere my mom bought me one for christmas. I feel terrible that she spent so much money on it. There is a certain pride associated with buying something of significant value, which one cannot have when receiving a gift. I plan to give it to my little sister when the new one comes out. The only reason i wanted one was b/c I have a 17″ MBP (hand-me-down, don’t mean to brag) which is too heavy to carry around. If one already has a smartphone and a relatively portable laptop, there is no reason to get an iPad.

  • steveyknight

    I got a job when I was 17 working at a pub, with that job I bought (amongst other things): an iPhone 4, an iPad 2 and a 27″ iMac. I bought them with my own money which made them even better. I then left my job when I moved away to start University which was when the iPhone 4S came out, I then sold my iPhone 4 and got the new one. 

    These children make me incredibly annoyed that  they think they do not have to work hard to get something they want simply because they want it so badly and moan about it. Most children are idiots, parents shouldn’t indulge idiocy.

  • Ciall Barrett

    I’m a kid and i am truly disgusted with these spoiled kids. This year i got an iPhone and a blackberry playbook at the sale. I would never ask my parents for an iPad because I don’t need it! If you had your heart set on a iPad then it might be a little dissapointing getting a kindle instead. But think about it, a kindle would perfectly fit a kid’s needs and it is 200-300$ less! with that money your parents can spend it on things you and your family actually need. I know I’m spoiled and I am very concious about asking my parents for stuff, like even a 99 cent app. Be happy with what you have!

  • Corbin Fawver

    i had a really awesome christmas i got a mac mini! i got an iPhone with my own money and an ipad2 also with my own money. I’m only thirteen this kids need to get a jo, a reality check and need to grow up seriously

  • Corbin Fawver

    kindle sucks sure its price cheap, but its also quality cheap. get an iPad.

  • Corbin Fawver

    lol I’m on her timeline a lot of people are responding to her saying to do it! :D

  • timoftelaur

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  • Enriko Lucas Menzies

    Ladies and gentlemen, find solace in the thought that some of these remarkable people will be voting, driving on the same roads you do, and if we’re all lucky, *reproducing.*