iMAME Retro Arcade Emulator Appears In The App Store, Get It While You Can!


The Simpsons Arcade running on an iPad 2
  • timborama

    Good idea, bad execution.  Why didn’t they just use the Documents folder access via iTunes? Why do I need a tool like iExplorer :(

  • TradeGothicBold

    Annnnnnddd…. It’s gone.

  • rockinrors

    Any chance of this playing Gameboy roms?

  • PaulKeeler

    I have an arcade emulator for my pc and it basically freezes when i try
    to load the machines up.

  • MacNews1

    All good things never do last….

  • Jeff Bathwater

    It is still available if you get it through the Top Charts list!

  • David Britt

    Free versions usually won’t last… but it’s still good news to those looking for free version.

  • Jabjabs Lefonte

    Still available in Australia

  • Vittorio Giorgi

    With iExplorer, there are lots of zip in the app. But only a few are playable, don’t know why. Tried to load a zip in the same folder, no luck.

  • prof_peabody

    Cause most of the things you want to load are actually illegal?  

  • FenTiger

    Still available in the UK, and I just played Mappy and 720 on my phone!

  • yuprules

    Add your own roms here step by step: