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EA Reduces Dozens Of iOS Games To Just $0.99



EA has kicked off a huge iOS sale that has seen dozens of popular games reduced to just $0.99 in a bid to top the App Store’s charts this Christmas. Some of the company’s hottest games are included, a number of which haven’t only just been released, such as Dead Space, FIFA 12, Tetris, and Trenches II.

Here’s the complete list of titles on sale for just $0.99!



By reducing these titles to just $0.99, EA is hoping that some of them will reach the top of the App Store’s chart before it freezes for Christmas. Then when thousands of people open new devices on Christmas Day and visit the App Store, it’s EA’s titles they see first.

Some of these prices are yet to hit the U.S. App Store, but they are already appearing in the U.K., so it shouldn’t be too long before they rollout out in other territories.

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