EA Reduces Dozens Of iOS Games To Just $0.99



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5 responses to “EA Reduces Dozens Of iOS Games To Just $0.99”

  1. Matthew Snider says:

    Fifa and Madden are NOT 99 cents.

  2. Jonathan Ober says:

    These must be coming soon prices. I looked at a few on the App Store on the iPad and most of the ones you listed haven’t reflected the new price…yet. 10:30 EST

  3. prof_peabody says:

    EA is a pretty shady company too.  I wouldn’t give them your business.  The shovel out game after game on iOS, but most are buggy and they rarely if ever fix them.  You may get one bug-fix out of them per game but that’s it.  

    At least that’s my experience on the iOS App store.  I’ve heard their bigger PC sport/violence games are good, but it seems that they treat their iOS App store games just as quick pocket money for themselves.  

    The quality just isn’t there and they don’t seem to really care much. 

  4. KillianBell says:

    They should be soon. They’re only £0.69 in the U.K.

  5. taboo8614 says:

    Just checked FIFA and its on sale now 1:06 PM EST

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