Get A Rare Steve Jobs Signed iPod Shuffle (There’s A Cool Story Behind It Too)



Looking for that last minute Christmas gift for the hyper-obsessed Apple fan? How’d an iPod shuffle signed by Steve Jobs himself suit you? Just be warned: prepare to pay through the nose for it. Amongst philographists, a Steve Jobs autograph is considered a very rare prize indeed.

The official eBay description explains how Steve Jobs came to inscribe the iPod shuffle:

As part of a “innovators of tomorrow” program, myself and a 3 of my colleagues were invited to attend an in-house Apple event. Before hand, we received complimentary Apple products, including an iPod Shuffle and iTunes credits. As usual, the topics covered touched base on were a number of Apple’s latest innovations, as well as a sneak peak to future plans. After the conference, we were given the opportunity to talk with Steve himself about the shift in technology to more companion-oriented devices. As the discussion wrapped up, one person in our group asked if Steve would mind signing our iPods.

Upon having it explained to him that they had heard he didn’t like giving his autograph, Steve Jobs was uncharacteristically modest, replying:

You heard that about me? Well, I wouldn’t say that I don’t like giving autographs. I guess I was never comfortable with the idea solely taking credit for something, which is to me what an autograph might imply. To be honest, I think I’m the last person who should sign something. A writer signing a book I can understand, but I think if anybody within our company should sign something, it should be members from our R&D team and all the others responsible for product innovation. It’s unfortunate that they all can’t receive the same level recognition. But I suppose it’s easier this way though…you would need a pretty big iPod to fit all those signatures.

Right now, with five days left to go, this iPod touch has an asking price of $5,900, and I imagine it’ll triple or quadruple in value before all is said and done. Still, if you manage to win it, you’ll be holding a very rare item in your hands indeed.

[via 9to5Mac]


    At the very end you put iPod touch, its about an iPod Shuffle though.

  • MacAdvisor

    I have to question the authenticity of the signature. Steve typically signed “Steven,” not “Steve.” The “S” in “Steve” should go above the crossing of the “t” and is not complete. I have not seen a sample of his signature where he had the cross of the “t” cover his “s.”

  • JDWages

    There is as much sentimental value in this as there is in owning Steve Jobs’ signature in any number of classic Macs from the 1980’s, which can be had for $100 or less on EBAY.  Get yourself a $40 Mac Plus, open the case, stare at Steve’s signature, and be satisfied in knowing you got a far better deal on that sig than the crazy fellow who buys this iPod.

  • takeo

    Auction removed…

  • oifbtdt