Unlocked T-Mobile iPhones Get Upgraded To 3G Speeds In Some Parts Of USA



T-Mobile has over 1M+ unlocked iPhones on its GSM network, which is quite impressive, considering that up until now, all of those iPhones have been stuck with 2G data speeds thanks to T-Mobile’s bizarre implementation of 3Gm which is not compatible with the iPhone.

But that’s all about to change. Some unlocked iPhone owners are now reporting that for the first time ever, they are now getting proper 3G speeds on their iPhones, just like the rest of us have been enjoying for the last three years. Hurrah!

Electronista has the scoop:

Multiple reports have emerged of T-Mobile switching on 3G for frequencies that existing unlocked iPhones and other devices can use. At least some parts of Nevada and some parts of Northern California and the Northwest are seeing 1,900MHz repurposed to be used as additional carrying space for the HSPA+ 84Mbps network anticipated for 2012. Those who live in the altered areas are seeing speeds faster not just than they would on EDGE but faster than AT&T’s real-world 3G, at 7.92Mbps down and 1.8Mbps up.

While there’s nothing about this report on its own that suggests that T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone next year, an HSPA+ rollout across the country at an iPhone-friendly 1900MHz means that, theoretically, T-Mobile could finally start selling iPhones next year. Of course, then T-Mobile iPhones would be stuck on 3G while the rest of us would likely be using LTE, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Update: Apparently it was TMONews that originally reported this story, not Electronista. So go give them your eyeballs instead.