Santa Meets Siri – Happy Holidays from Apple!


Apple’s advertising runs the gamut from motivational to touching, pragmatic to inspiring. They don’t play the humor card very often, but this latest ad showing Santa using Siri on an iPhone to help him through his rounds is actually pretty funny and appropriate for the season.

Thanks Siri! Thanks Santa! And Happy Holidaze to all…

  • dcj001

    I heard “3.7 million,” when the display read “3.7 billion.”

  • Techy8789

    “You have 3.7 billion appointments”

    Best Apple ad ever

  • Jonathan Ober

    maybe the ‘S’ means 4 Santa :)

  • Jonathan Ober

    I’d listen again and get your ears checked :) it says billion.

  • dcj001

    “it says billion.”

    That’s what I said. The iPhone display (it) said “3.7 billion.”

    She (Siri) said “3.7 million.”

  • Daibidh

    Good grief, DC.  I second Jonathan’s suggestion and recommend an English semantics refresher.  LoL

  • Riz Day

    No presents for us folks outside of America then I suppose! 

  • Aufdenschlips

    you don´t know what billion means, do you?

  • Aufdenschlips

    you don´t know what billion means, do you?

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Get your own international Santa.

  • ken147

    “Siri, have you been good this year?”

  • Troy E Moore


  • Jonathan Ober

    Siri definitely says billion. I heard the ad just now on the Eagles game and I listened for it thinking about your post comment.

  • Effective Naturally

    Unfortunately Siri is somewhat limited and therefore more frustrating in Australia… still a great ad though! All I want for Christmas is for Siri to stop saying “I’m sorry, this function is only available in the U.S.”….grrrr! 

  • Cody

    Definitely the best ad I’ve seen for the season, and I think one of the better ads that Apple has run lately. So funny!