iTunes Match Officially Rolling Out To International Customers



The internet sounded the bell a little prematurely last night, but it now appears that iTunes Match is indeed rolling out to international customers. While we all thought the service had been rolled out to most of Europe and Australia yesterday, it was later confirmed that the launch was an error, with Apple emailing apologizes to international customers and handing out refunds.

Now it appears that many countries, including Australia, U.K., Canada, Mexico, and others, are now able to access iTunes Match from the iTunes Store.

iTunes Match has already been available across Latin America and Brazil, and the service launched in the U.S. last month.

Apple has now rolled out iTunes Match to most of Europe, with pricing set at €24.99/year. U.K. customers can buy a subscription in the iTunes Store for £21.99.

New sidebar links in the iTunes Store have appeared for many international customers above the top charts section of the store homepage. Customers can signup for iTunes Match there with their Apple IDs and have their library scanned and matched in the cloud.

You can click here to read all of our iTunes Match coverage. New users should be aware that the initial scan, upload, and match process can take several hours, depending on available bandwidth.

International readers, let us know if iTunes Match is available in your country now. If you run into any errors or other issues, please let us know in the comments.

  • MCal27

    errors and nuthin’ but errors here in the uk… signed up and I just get popup errors and something about itunes genius everytime I select it…. Obviously cause we’re all signing on @ once..but you’d hope that huge datacentre took this into account wudn’t ya? :-(

  • Jack Warnes

    Yup Error here as well, Uk. I got the “Start” iTunes Match page, however I then get the login error.

  • Steve

    I signed up and matched about 450 songs fine, but can’t turn on the service on my iPhone 4???

  • yaphet666

    errors in germany as well 

  • Jack Warnes

    In the UK?

  • Steve

    Yes, in the UK

  • Darren Brown

    Just keep trying it, mine is uploading now. Took a while of constantly logging on though.

  • Roby145

    You have to go into settings –> music –> Turn On iTunes Match and wait like 15 seconds and then it will all be there :D 

  • Roby145

    Works Perfectly in Canada. Here’s proof!!! YAAAAY  :D:D:D::P:P:P:):):)

  • Alexander Mugford

    I have my songs uploaded, working on all my iOS devices. It works perfectly, I’m blown away. What a convenience. Living in Canada. 

  • Darren Brown

    Match 3000+ songs, all works fine. In the UK!

  • Lex_Tweets

    Italy is missed. We have the “SIAE” here, the “Italian Society of Authors and Publishers”, a public organization responsible for the protection of copyright, an organization chaired by young people with an average of 80 years old. We hope to see iTunes Match on 2020 if we are lucky.

  • Humberto Diaz Porta

    Nothing yet in the NICARAGUA Store.

  • Blake Erickson

    Why do Australians have to pay $34.99 a year? Our dollar is worth more than the USD!?

  • Matthias Baas

    Getting an error message that my library is containing too many songs. Activation only is possible if your library doesn’t contain more than 25.000 songs not purchased in iTunes…. The service obviously isn’t made for real music lovers which already bought music before Apple started…

  • Martin Topinka

    I went through the license agreement and one thing was not not clear to me: If I don’t renew the subscription will I lose all my music?

  • RogerVThornhil

    Italy not involved yet.

  • Trystan Street

    it seems to be working here in France, it is currently gathering the info…

  • Mitchell Busby

    +GST, +Apple Australia tax + it isn’t based on live ratings of the dollars. otherwise you’d be paying $26 one day and $37 the next week. As much as I hate it too, I don’t really blame Apple for a fixed, hedged price.

  • Christoph Schumacher

    Works in Germany. Stupid question but how do i delete songs from my iphone?

  • Aufdenschlips

    u on ios 5?

  • Blake Erickson

    No way that’s just to cover the GST. Apple is making an extraordinary hedge in its own favour, without much regard for the Australian consumer. It’s one thing to hedge a few dollars just in case, but $10? Lame. And what on earth is this ‘Apple Australia tax’? 

  • Mitchell Busby

    Well, if you look at it this way. Accounting for the current conversion, which is about $25USD to $25.10AUD (according to google), and then adding GST of $2.50, and we end up with $27.60AUD for a service that much in the US.
    Tacking on additional support and bandwidth fees for including the Australian market, I would generally think that’s a fair price. The iTunes Store prices for individual music on the other hand, THAT’S a rort.
    Unfortunately we can’t do much about it. I’d be more inclined to complain to Adobe, who absolutely rips into their Australian customers by a larger margin.

  • tontot

    Actually anyone can use iTunes Match in USA iTunes store. You just need a prepaid card. In my experience USA iTunes store are more enjoyable to local stores