Netflix Releases A New iPad App And It Looks Great



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6 responses to “Netflix Releases A New iPad App And It Looks Great”

  1. Mike Rathjen says:

    Is that your personal screen shot? “Drop Dead Diva” is a top pick???

  2. Gene says:

    But does it let me add DVDs to my queue? Or is it still only focused on streaming?
    Seems kind of silly to make me drop into a web page to browse and queue DVDs.

  3. FatSquirrel says:

    That’s nice, now maybe they can go back and fix the Xbox 360 app, which was recently updated to a gigantic piece of crap.

  4. Jonathan Ober says:

    I agree the xbox version took a dump in the usability and aesthetics. Just clunky crap now.

  5. davidk says:

    Certainly better than their last crappy version which looked like it was a slightly adjusted version of the phone app.

  6. Aj Tk427 says:

    OMG, night and day, the old UI was terrible and ugly.

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