Apple To Launch Retina Display MacBook Pro With 2880×1800 Resolution In 2012 [Rumor]



Never mind a Retina display iPad, Apple has something special up its sleeve for next year. According to sources within the company’s supply chain, a Retina display MacBook Pro with a display resolution of 2880×1800 is coming during the second quarter of 2012.

DigiTimes reports:

Apple is likely to launch its new MacBook Pro lineup with a display resolution of 2880 by 1800 in the second quarter of 2012, setting a new round of competition for panel specifications in the notebook industry, according to sources in the upstream supply chain.

That’s double the resolution and four times the number of pixels within the existing 15-inch MacBook Pro, which boasts a display with 1440×900 pixels. As MacRumors notes, that makes it easy for application developers to scale their existing artwork.

Following the introduction of the Retina display iPhone 4 last year, we’ve been expecting Apple to introduce high-resolution displays to most of its products, with the iPad next in line. It seemed inevitable that Macs would also get a Retina display — with HiDPI modes already supported in OS X Lion —  but we didn’t expect to see them as early as next year.