Cool New Gadget Adds AirPrint iDevice Printing to Any Printer



Till now, HP has held a huge advantage over it’s printer rivals when it comes to printing from the iPad — because even though rivals have made strides with their own apps (like Epson’s slick iPrint app) HP’s printers remain the only ones with AirPrint, which is tied directly to iOS and allows printing from within apps, without having to use an intermediary app (eg iPrint).

But that’s all changed with today’s unveiling of the  Lantronix xPrintServer, a $150 plug-n-play box that gives any printer AirPlay connectivity.

That means any printer, no matter the make — and even those without native wifi capability — can be turned into an AirPrint-enabled wifi printer just by connecting it to the iPhone-sized xPrintServer. It’s not available yet, but should ship early next year and can be pre-ordered from the company’s website.

Here’s the press release. Oh, and check this clip. It isn’t super informative, but it’s funny, especially the parts with the IT guy, who bears a striking resemblance to our own Adam Rosen.

  • Guest

    hmmm so an AirPrint enabled printer is cheaper than this device?

  • corbettaa

    $150 good luck sounds like a loser. All the up and coming printers will have mobile printing in the future this product is doomed. Also u can buy cheap ass apps on the app store that work great. $150 really??! Most printers don’t cost that much. AirPrint Activator works for me oh ya it’s free too!!!

  • Bill Martin

    How about the 130+ AirPrint printers from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark?

  • Enzo2813

    Unless I interpreted the article wrong, there are many more printers than just HP’s that support airprint. The list is found here at… but Espon, Canon, Lexmark and Brother are all on board. 

  • Captain Snicklefret

    I use AirPrint Activator to print to my 4 year HP printer.  I could have purchased a new one for free last summer when I got a Mac Mini, but the new printers are not as nice as mine.

  • S D

    Correct is HP and (recently) Canon. Tested Canon and it’s working great! ;)

  • Cory James

    Why hasn’t someone come up with this sooner? Drop the price a bit, and I will get in line to buy it gladly!

  • djrobsd

    THIS ARTICLE IS A LIE. Canon has had AirPrint on several of their printers for a while now. I have MG5320, paid $99 on sale at Staples and have AIR PRINT directly from my iPhone. Cult of Mac, shame on you for not doing your research before writing this SHADY piece of journalism.

  • david_z

    I like the ad, not the price

  • Eric Stone

    Why not buy an Apple airport express?  For $99 you get the same ability to print over a network to any printer, plus you get a wi-fi router or extender.

  • Camerongerardy

    if you have an airport express you still can’t print to any printer

  • Daniel Drago

    Been using Printopia for awhile now. $20 and it shares the printer to AirPrint devices on the LAN.

  • Jordan Clay

    SHAME ON YOU for just being plain dumb. Dude.  Some people need a higher quality printer than a $99 POS.   I spent over 750 on a high quality printer that isn’t Airprint enabled a few years ago. A $150 device would work great.

  • Microfud

    uh. That’s not right. The Airport Express has a usb port. Plug the printer into the usb port and you can print. But the larger issue here is that most folks can get very good inkjet printers for far less than $150. Why not just buy a new HP printer with airport built in? I think this thing is over priced.

  • Microfud

    buy a $99 airport express and plug your printer into the usb port. That solution has been around for years.

  • Michael Brown

    I don’t think the commenters here so far understand the market this device is directed toward.  This is a hardware print server that will support 10 printers in a corporate or department environment.  So, a single $150 printer server can make accessible to iDevices several hundred thousand dollars of corporate scale printers.  Sounds like a bargain to me.

    Sure, you *could* run Printopia or similar freeware on a workstation on the corporate LAN.  But do you know any CIOs or IT managers who are keen on running that sort of software?  And what happens when someone shuts off the one workstation running the freeware?

  • dan king

    Thank you for being the only person on here that has the ability to figure out what this device is used for. People can be so dense. I can’t wait to get this! I have been trying to use my iPad to print blueprints on a giant plotter and so far this is the first and best solution I have found.

  • Mike Rathjen

    “HP’s printers remain the only ones with AirPrint”

    Completely wrong. Apple’s website has a list of Airprint-enabled printers from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark.