Get A Free iPhone 4 Or iPhone 4S At Radio Shack This Week Only



Short on cash for the holidays? If you don’t mind shopping at Radio Shack and have an old iPhone to trade-in, you can get a killer deal on a new iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S this week.

How killer? Well, how does a free iPhone 4S with no money down sound to you? Pretty good? Well, guess what: play your cards right and you could not only get a free iPhone 4S, you’ll get Radio Shack to pay you a little money to take an iPhone 4S off their hands. You just need to combine the right offers.

Here’s what’s going on. For this week only, Radio Shack is giving customers an automatic $30 discount on a new iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. That’s not enough to fully subsidize a new iPhone, of course, but if you pair that instant discount with Radio Shack’s existing Trade & Save program, you can secure yourself a free iPhone.

The deal’s simple. If you bring in an old iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, Radio Shack guarantees they’ll give you between $100 and $200 off your next phone.So if you bring in an old iPhone 3GS and get $100 bucks trade-in for it, your could get an 8GB iPhone 4 with no-money down, plus $30 in-store credit on top. Likewise, if you trade-in an old iPhone 4 and get $200 trade-in for the device, you could upgrade to a 16GB iPhone 4S and have $30 left over.

It’s a pretty swank deal, but obviously, you need to have an iPhone floating around already to take part. Also, you have to act fast: this deal closes on December 17th.

[via Techcrunch]

  • Jordan Clay

    I would sell the iPhone 3GS on Craigslist for $200 and The iPhone 4 for $400. Then go to Radio Shack and get the 4S.    A little more work gets you double the money

  • FriarNurgle

    I’ll wait for the iPhone 5 to upgrade. 

  • Ed_Kel

    The deal would be great provided that Radio Shack gives you top dollar which I highly doubt.

  • Roby145

    But this is still with a contract, right?

  • ajay71

    We can get more than $100/$200 for an iPhone that is in decent condition elsewhere (craigslist, backpages, ebay, etc) and save more than the $30 offered by Radioshack.

  • Jack McClauren

    Yes, this is with a new 2 year contract. (Yes, it doesn’t make any sense then)

  • djrobsd

    I love how these stores try to rob people of their old phones.  Sell on Craigslist or Ebay, and get a lot more money… Although definitely a lot more hassle I’m willing to go the extra mile for the extra $100-200 bucks.

  • jordangilland

    I did this and it ended up being a huge mistake. the stupid rep at radio shack signed me up for the enterprise unlimited data plan instead of grandfathering me in to my unlimited data that I had. terrible terrible experience.