What Is The Best iOS App Of 2011? [Poll]



There’s over half a million apps on the App Store at this point, but that’s not to say that apps can’t still stand out from the crowd. Choosing the cream of the crop, though, can be a daunting and contentious task.

That’s why we need your help. A week from now, we’re going to announce our ten favorite iOS apps of 2011, then later in the month declare our vote for the best app of the year. Hence this poll; we need you to tell us which app you think qualifies as the best of the best.

Here’s the poll. Feel free to write in your own answer, and after you vote, we’d love if you’d flesh out your reasons for voting for the app you chose in our comments.

See you next week for our best 10 apps of 2011, and thanks for voting!

  • bmdonovan

    If there is an iOS browser that can block these Vdopia, video popup ads from cultofmac, it totally gets my vote. I just can’t come to this blog on an iPad with those things assaulting me.

  • hellorabbit

    I am totally in love with Flipboard on my iPhone right now, ever since I learned about it here on Cult of Mac. Now I wish I could page through every app with a quick up-flick of my thumb. The interface is gorgeous and brilliant. I’d love it even more if it could mark Google Reader (or actually any) posts as read, but it’s so cool and easy to use otherwise I’m willing to overlook that. 

  • Blaine Boyd

    What about Temple Run? Such an addictive game.

  • Phil

    Let’s see what this Flipboard business is all about…

  • William Gallagher

    Can’t see how to list and vote on my own choice so let me just say it here: OmniFocus for iPad. It’s the best version of OmniFocus by far and is such a pleasure to use because it’s gorgeous.

  • Salman Suhail

    AMPLITUBE! or AmpKit+