Check Out A 360 Degree Panorama Of The New Grand Central Apple Store



Did you miss checking out Apple’s new Grand Central Terminal location on its totally insane launch day? Apple doesn’t want anyone to miss out, which is why they’ve posted a 360 degree panorama of the inside of the store on their official website.

The new Grand Central Apple Store saw some bonkers traffic over the weekend, and the first thing you’ll notice when checking out the panorama is the crush of excited, clamoring flesh.

But the second thing you’ll notice? If you’re using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the whole panorama is gyroscope enabled, allowing you to tour the Grand Central store just by tilting your device. Neat! Just go to the official store page on an iOS device, then click more photos and open the panorama, then start tilting and whirling your device.

Me? I hate holiday crowds with every trembling atom of my being, so this is about the only way I could be convinced to brave an Apple Store this time of year anyway.

[via RazorianFly]

  • Michea Savino

    do they use a specific camera for that or they merge some photos via software? please if you know reply me. thanks :-)

  • jrobles

    Most likely they use one camera to take all the pictures, then merge them via a software à la Photosynth.

  • Michea Savino

    well, it’s strange… there are not any kind of those double person effect in the picture. it seems like a one shot photo…