What Are The Most Innovative Mac Apps Of 2011? [Poll]



2011 has been a big year for the Mac app community. The Mac App Store was released to the public on January 6, 2011 and millions of free and paid apps have been downloaded since then.

After looking back at all of the great apps from this year, we decided to put together a list of the very best. But we need your help, so tells us what apps you think deserve to be included in our top 10 roundup.

While all of these apps weren’t necessarily released in 2011, they did receive significant updates or become available on the Mac App Store. We think that the 20 apps listed above are all worthy of recognition, but we want to include the very best in our final top 10 list.

Let us know what you think in the comments as well, but make sure to vote! The poll closes next Thursday.

  • Andreas Booher

    I picked Pixelmator because it enabled me to get rid of CS5 on my main machine.  99% of the stuff I did in Illustrator & Photoshop is covered by this one $29 Appl

  • Tomas Baran


  • Kuipo

    As someone that edits a lot of text files… Sublime Text 2.  They have a lot of really nice features for text editing.  They have a free version that bugs you to buy it occasionally.  My only complaint about it is that it’s too damn expensive to buy.  60$ for a text editor seems a bit high to me.  Lower the cost and I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • MarioWario

    Pixelmator is good for a buggy award ! For me Photoline is by far the best and useful app in case of image editing ;-)

  • simpleteedotco

    SplitPrint works for me.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    Moom to me is by far the most innovative app. Best desktop manager on the store!

  • Kuipo

    I almost said moom actually.  But I decided I wanted to comment on Sublime Text instead.  hah.  Glad someone else mentioned it.

  • animeshmishra99

    Alfred. Period.

  • maxaudet

    I voted for Pixelmator if I don’t use it.  I use Sparrow, Evernote, etc but while I love these app, I don’t consider them as “Innovative” …  

  • macgizmo

    How is pixelmator “innovative?” It’s a PS clone with a Lightroom/Aperture interface.

  • nmuenzner

    I also use Evernote and 1Password, but why should I declare them as innovative?!

    I think Alfred is (can’t use it here in Europe) and the great iAWriter with it’s iCloud Sync and minimalistic Interface are innovative!

  • frankeves

    Peter Maurer, a master of innovation, was the original developer of TextExpander and his recent wonder-child Moom is very impressive. I’ve voted for Other – Moom

  • Shane Cooke

    NeO Outliner, d-lit.com, an amazing outliner, but more than that, I use it for note taking at classes and translation. Perfect for work with a main text area with extra spots to hold data and info.

  • Alexandre Junior

    Evernote, seriously? Alfred all the way. Can’t live without it anymore.

  • Manuel Urkullu

    I think Save Contacts Email app should be there… it saved my life…

  • Lady_Kate

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