Microsoft Releases Official My Xbox LIVE App In The App Store



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7 responses to “Microsoft Releases Official My Xbox LIVE App In The App Store”

  1. Theyseeyoutrollin says:

    After I login i get a message saying my account is having problems… Too god to be true.

  2. Ben Pageau says:

    Me too; and the missus got the same message as well

  3. SevanGrim says:

    works for me, and its about damn time. There are other apps that get you into your live acount to see whos on and send messages, but this guy blows them out of the water. Its smoother, and you can do a ton more. like.

  4. Logo Logo says:

    Works for me! Feels like a Windows OS in my hand, weirdly pleasing!

  5. Blake Schnitkey says:

    They did a really great job on this – if only they put as much thought into their Windows division as they do the XBOX division…LONG LIVE OS X!

  6. sean miller says:

    sign in to to accept the new terms, then it should work…

  7. JohannesTurner says:

    Pretty nice to see Metro – UI on iPhone… :D

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