Facebook Timeline Starts Rolling Out Internationally Today


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Some of us have been playing with it for months, but if you’ve been looking forward to Facebook’s sexy new timeline interface, good news: it’s just gone live in New Zealand, and should be creeping out to other countries around the world soon.

What is Timeline? Timeline is Facebook’s new approach to organizing your wall in which you can easily drill down to see what you were doing on Facebook by month or by year, and you can add custom time markers to note important times of your life. That’s not all, though. Images you post are bigger, links you posted… linkier. There are special sections to highlight the music you’ve been listening to, or the news articles you’ve recently read. In short, Timeline is about the only new Facebook feature in ages that almost everyone actually likes. Unlike Facebook’s other recent changes, it aims to make information cleaner, prettier and easier to digest. I’ve been using it for a few months, since Facebook developers (which I pretend to be) got early access. Timeline’s really good. It’s worth logging into Facebook later today to check it out, if you haven’t already seen it.

  • Romeyn Prescott

    I wonder how we’ll ever get it when the “Sign Me Up” button on their web page has been broken for weeks…

  • Michael Vlaming

    I haven’t seen any trace of Timeline on Facebook so far.

  • justDAJ

    The Facbook update actually says they are only rolling out in NZ until they see how it performs.  Other countries in the near future, so could be weeks.

    I think your article is a little mis-leading!

  • krasnal


  • Jacob Chandler

    Got it here in NZ yay!

  • Mitch Dahl

    Yep, only NZ for now. And yes the article is misleading, but I’m not surprised given the editor who wrote it.

  • Shane Bryson

    Looks like Facebook hasn’t learned a single thing from MySpace or Netflix. Stability and familiarity will keep people using. If you change everything ever month, people will leave.

  • vectorash

    Well the long expected Facebook Timeline is finally being officially released and it’s here to stay! There’s no more escaping this..

    You can enable it right now with just 2 clicks: http://www.vectorash.ro/how-to…