This Simple Gesture Improves Multitasking On The iPhone & Saves Your Home Button Too [Video]



I’ve had to return three iPhones to the Apple store for the same problem since I began using the device in 2007. That problem was a faulty home button, which seems to be a common issue with Apple’s iOS devices after they’ve taken years of abuse.

This simple concept for a new iPhone gesture developed by Max Rudberg wouldn’t just prolong the life of the home button on your iPhone, but it would also improve the way in which we multitask on the device.

The iPad already has a similar gesture — simply swipe up with four fingers within any app and you can pull up the multitasking tray. However, trying to fit four fingers on your iPhone’s display isn’t easy. Rudgberg has developed an incredibly simply solution to this, which simply uses an “edge-based” gesture.

What that means is you swipe up from the bottom edge of your device with just one finger to open your multitasking tray — in the same way you swipe down to access Notification Center. Again, it’s incredibly simple, but for many users it would improve the way in which multitasking is done on the iPhone — and it would save wear and tear on that precious home button.


Rudberg has sent a feature request to Apple in the hope it may be introduced to the iPhone in the future. For those who don’t like it, he notes the feature could be toggled within the Settings app — just like the gestures on the iPad.

You may remember Rudberg from a concept we previously reported on that would allow iOS users to close apps by squeezing the sides of their device. His latest, however, could be much easier to implement and a great deal more popular, I think.

Would you like to see a gesture like this on the iPhone?

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  • koyut

    Rudberg should provide a Jailbreak tweak. If it becomes useful and popular, you can bet apple will implement it.

  • Pradeep

    yes.. yes.. yes..

  • Dean Ricciardi

    Gee, my Palm Pre had this…

  • Liowbot

    I’ve been using the swipe down on status bar before iOS5 for opening the multitasking tray. Now I stole swipe left of SBSettings to open the multitasking tray since Notification Center took away the swipe down. I’ve been using short hold at status bar also as a shortcut for going to homescreen. So yes I would definitely love to see this gesture on a jailed iPhone

  • MacGoo

    Pre did this. Playbook does this. Nothing new, but proven to be perfectly functional. That said, the button isn’t going anywhere. Perhaps modified, even transmogrified into a non-mechanical capacitive touch dimple, but it will stay.

  • cliqsquad

    Yeah the same way SBSettings shortcuts have been extremely popular since the iPhone 3G and have totally been implemented. Oh wait… 

  • volodoscope

    I think Apple will do something like this. iPads don’t really need to use the home button anymore with the iOS 5.0, iPhone is next.

  • jpv41193

    This would be perfect. I think the button on my iPod is starting to wear out and it’s only a year old.

  • volodoscope

    Palm had some awesome and original UI, really wish it would come back.

  • Jordan Clay

    I think I would like it better if, When you pull down the notifications from the top, the app switching window would come up from the bottom.  The iPhone is a small screen and these little gestures take up real estate

  • mduncanvm

    I had to replace my home button and before it gave out I used the iOS built in gesture shortcuts. They work perfectly to replace your physical home button.

  • robgilgan


  • Tron Caldwell

    Even if the gesture does take up real estate, you can’t use the phone will the multitasking tray is up or notification center is open. So I don’t think it’s that big of a deal if you use the gesture to activate it

  • koyut

    Sure but you can’t deny the tweaks that did get implemented though.

  • cliqsquad

    You right about that, however, this one makes sense like the SBSettings one does and yet we have yet to see it. We see logical ways things to be done but Apple always wants to go another way. Maybe they will do this but doubtful.

  • koyut

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see SBSettings like toggles on the notifications area. #wishfulthinking

  • benWV

    Yes. I had to replace iPhone 4 after 11 months due to non-functioning home button.

  • jw915

    Android devices have had this for at least a year now.

  • Kayneeezy

    This is becoming a default fandroid comment.. “Android devices have had this for at least a year now.” I have an android device running the latest OS and it aint got shit.. So shut it! 

  • ctt1wbw

    They never leave that comment about malware, though.  Android has had that for at least a year.

  • Kayneeezy


  • davisremmel

    Nope, nope, nope!  I’m all for bringing this idea to iOS, but give credit where it is due: webOS had this gesture first.

  • davisremmel

    It’s not going anywhere (yet).  webOS is in-the-air at the moment with HP’s management.

  • Mike Rathjen

    No kidding. I have a Touchpad and I keep trying to use the edge gesture on my iPhone.

  • Roger Ramshit

    I hear a lot about Andorid having this and my handset having that but i never see a follow up reference or even a release or handset model. Sounds like lazy trolling to me.

  • Roger Ramshit

    At least it was easy to replace. Ever tried having a HTC phone replaced. Iv’e heard the support sucks and getting a replacement is extremely hard. With Apple you take it to an Apple store or return it to your carrier. New handset in less that 7 days.

  • Steven Jev

    Its a good idea, I’m able to do this through Activator when jailbroken

  • Omar Abou-Youssef

    Activator can do this with a bottom swipe and even use it to simulate home button with diagonal swipes :) 

  • RilesPro

    Yes. Duh. I did it with activator when I used to jb. Add it. They won’t

  • RilesPro

    Hello palm pre gesture area. Like I said they won’t or they would have when the pre came out. Here’s another one how about swipe left right to switch apps without opening mt tray.

  • CharliK

    That kind of move or just reducing the number of fingers needed is more Apple’s style. They don’t like to have two totally different gestures between things. 
    They already to a 4 on the trackpad, 3 on the mouse move with the computer. 

  • sir1jaguar

    ESPIER on ANDROID has that from day 1…

    Rundberg, got the inspiration and how to do it from the minds behind the ESPIER from android…

    ESPIER is more advance and easier to use than the original iOS (check those videos of SAMSUNG galaxy s2 with ESPIER)

  • moregravyplease

    To all the dickheads that keep saying “Andriod / Espier / Palm / Droid / Jackshit does this since bla years”, get a life you fags ! It’s a damn feature that’d be nice to have on the iPhone, what does that have to bloody do with other phones ?? It’s like me saying “you know I’d love to have a barometer on my wrist watch” with you immature gaylords going “oh oh oh look at mine ! look at mine ! Mine has a barometer for 1 year !”

    You know what else Android does ? It sucks hairy monkey balls, it’s rat rape ugly and it’s the Pearly Gates to Mobile Malware Heaven. There WAS NO ANDROID before iOS to begin with, so shove it and shut up you dumb ass lickers !