• Vic

    Pretty funny. 

  • Allan Robertson

    Microsoft have a fantastic product and marketing strategy, it’s called copy Apple but on the cheap.

  • AlecTheFirst

    Now hang on a second … I can already tell people will be saying, “Copy Apple, that’s the way everyone does it.” But it’s kinda the other way around for the most part.

  • Martin Buckler

    Are these photos taken in the same Mall at about the same time? I’d like to see that.

    The Microsoft shop looks empty but then it could have been taken early morning or something.

  • CharliK

    In regards to the retail stores, no its not. apple was the first and Microsoft is the copier

  • James Padilla

    That’s not here in Denver, I’ll say that much.  :D  Quite the opposite.

  • Srose428

    Alec, what is your basis for “its kinda the other way around”?

    This is just sad.  Does anyone at MS have an imagination? 

  • Dave

    That’s right it’s all photoshopped. Apple spends all their time not making great products or a better customer experience. They just want to make poor old Microsoft look bad. That is unless you believe the truth, which is Microsoft has poor management.

  • LuizEagoracaralho

    Dude…what were you expecting? its a store! A compter store attached to a market model. Its like: Ok, lets plan a ball…but wait, it cannot be spherical because there are balls like this already…lets try to make it as a cube.

  • reviewsbyisam

    How is it “kinda the other way around for the most part”? To my knowledge, most of Microsoft’s popular products are based off of Apple’s ideas, but maybe I’m missing something…

  • iDaBoss

    slow news day, even for cult of mac

  • lymenlee

    Well let’s just say this strategy is also widely and profoundly copied throughout the industry. How is this giving Microsoft and edge over others?

  • OEB

    Nothing wrong with copying each other.  Tech companies do it all the time.  Apple is the market leader right now so it makes sense for the rest of them to copy Apple. The problem here is that the Microsoft store is empty.  Hopefully Windows Phone and it’s ecosystem will fix that problem. Perhaps then they can also copy the ‘full store’ part of that picture.

  • AdamC

    But they are desperately claiming Tellme is better than Siri.

  • c.t

    *edited using Adobe Photoshop. 

    People and grammar, it drives me nuts!

  • facebook-1249957286

    Like we say at school; Copy-Paste

  • Cristian Alegria

    Go Apple Store!! than Microsoft Store Suck, So few people Microsoft Store is sad….Apple store many people because support Apple :D 

  • Ken Carriker

    OK, yeah, Microsoft obviously copied Apple for their store, but I thought the point of the pic was that the Apple store is packed and the Microsoft store is practically deserted.

  • 5280420

    Uh what part of Denver are you talking about? Park Meadows? You’re quite mistaken sir and I refute your claim that MS is busier than Apple

  • Bitter Witch

    The one thing I’ve always loved about modern Apple is that they’re stylish.

  • grr_argh

    the old gateway stores never looked like this hmm

  • Jubei Kiwagami

    That’s actually a light crowd for an Apple Store. Wherever I go for work every Apple Store I’ve been is packed like sardines! Oh yeah that MS store is just lame, stupid, desperate and embarrassing!

  • John Mozelewski

    I would rather go to best buy than an apple store i went to the apple store in STL MO and it smelt like crap in there it made me wanna barf idk how they had so many ppl in it when it smelt so bad

  • Custom


  • John Mozelewski

    cuz it smelt like crap? i don’t get it but ok it was like really crappy old man cologne i thought the store was pretty cool looking and really like the lil kid chairs but seriously i thought it smelt like crap all around the store

  • mrdrewstone

    i dont see the similarity (SMH)  Nothing like being original Microsoft!!

  • jackielafleur

    i doubt it was Apple’s fault. we’re talking about st louis here after all…

  • ppanah

    It was probably your upper lip smelling…

  • Enzo2813

    I literally just came from there (it looks like the Tysons mall in northern VA), and it looked exactly like the picture. There was next to no one in the microsoft store, but the apple store looked a little bit light compared to normal though. (assuming because it was about 1pm when I went by there).

  • TylerHoj

    I want to walk in a Microsoft Store just to say to an employee, WTF…I thought this was an Apple store. I’m leaving. BLAM! MacBook Air to the face. 

  • Craig James Duffy

    No, no guys its all original Micro$oft here the tables are going Horizontally across the store instead  of Vertically as they are in the Apple Store.

  • Bob Forsberg

    The same company that said Windows didn’t copy Mac OS.

  • lrd

    Must have been a slow day or maybe a week day at that Apple store. The one I go to typically has breathing room only. And recently it’s been so crowded, I can’t even breathe- very stuffy.

  • ErinsDad

    Well, at least they didn’t copy McDonald’s or Burger King.  I’m picturing a sad Ronald or angry King when their laptops go blue-screen.

  • rfwhitman

    I was at the Shops of Mission Viejo one night in 2010 where one of the first Microsoft stores was open – it was packed – filled to the brim with people – the Apple Store empty – so … I went to the Apple store, on leaving I found out the reason why, I ran smack dab into Bill Gates who was visiting the Microsoft Store with several members of the Microsoft board (as I later learned) – I said “hi” and he said “hi” back. A little shocking. Next day, the stores and customers where back to normal. Empty Microsoft, packed Apple. Funny, Bill walked to the other side of Mall so he wouldn’t pass the Apple store on the way out … or maybe Shoe Circus was that way, I hear he was looking for a pair of Conquistadors!

  • Guest

    Is this the English language you are trying to write? Crikey!

  • Guest

    And it has mostly worked for them for 20 years or so, but time is running out.

  • Jdsonice

    Boy MS copied the Apple store completely. Why are they empty? Have you used a Windoze computer lately?

  • Dave

    Do  have something intelligent to say professor or are  you here only to correct people’s grammar? 

  • Daniel de Valk

    Does anyone now where the Apple Store is and where the Microsoft Store is? The Apple Store looks like the one in Roseville.

  • Don Boys

    Think that is the Mall of America Stores actually…

  • travisbrowny

    So biased. This is what the Microsoft Store looked like just a few days ago.

  • Tal Kissos

    Notice how the Microsoft store is completely empty.

  • jmrm

    really tal? you just noticed that? *sigh* typical mac user. besides, windows users have moved on to online shopping.

  • studentrights

    That’s when they give away free concert tickets.

  • FriarNurgle

    What were they giving away?

  • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

    Hey, I give Microsoft credit, Xbox and kinect are awesome, win8 will be original and push apple. Google & Samsung on the other hand…….pure ‘do evil’. Pick your battles…

  • Azanias Sánchez

    I don’t know you guys but it looks like there’s something familiar on that MS store… feel like I have seen it on like 300 stores before :T

  • randall


  • JN007

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that they’re both the MOA ones…right across from each other!

  • Andy Murdock

    Now, If they can just figure out how to copy all the Apple customers into their store.





    You iSheep will stoop to anything to validate fanboyism.

  • Eduardo Malheiros

    One thing I know for sure: They’ve copied Apple’s door but Apple is never going to copy their “windows”… :P

  • matthewdfr

    There’s clearly some Microsoft fans commenting on this, some saying that Apple are the ones who copied Microsoft. So in response to them, Apple has had stores for years, and years now. Microsoft only opened their first a couple of months ago. And it’s funny, because on the first Microsoft stores opening day, the DJ there was using a Mac.

    Oh, and why are their Microsoft fanboys viewing this in the first place? It’s Cult Of Mac, you know, Apple news?! Just goes to show how loyal Microsoft fans really are.

  • c.t

    I’m sorry, I just had the urge to say that.

  • envlpe

    Thats exactly the opposite of what I saw last time I was in a US mall. The apple store was nearly empty and the MS store was actually packed. Nothing special was going on.

  • travisbrowny

    No, it wasn’t. Notice most of the people aren’t 14. They gave away free tickets to Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers) several weeks before this photo, but this photo was taken during an ordinary day. 

  • travisbrowny


  • travisbrowny

    Pretty sure both Microsoft and Apple fans are loyal. I’m typing this on my MacBook Pro, but I’m admittedly a Microsoft fan. I stumbled onto this article because I have ‘Microsoft’ as a keyword in my RSS reader. Personally, I just felt the need to put my two cents in. :)

  • Mile L.


  • Mile L.

    The Microsoft store is just like the Apple store… Except when you ask a MS employee a question… they freeze!

  • Stefan Asemota

    that the Mac Store is jam packed and Windows quite empty speaks for itself @stn1978  :-)

  • scxfan

    It was true.

    MS was giving away free concert tickets!

  • scxfan

    Besides XBox and some keyboards and mice, there is just not that much actual MS hardware. Lots of computers but they are made by other companies and just run Windows.

    Not a bad store. I have been to one myself.

  • kevinburk

    …just like Windows.

  • Andrew Miller

    Iv’e never seen a Windows store – are they only US based?!! I am in the UK



  • Joseph Sarnelle

    You guys are the biggest fanboys. I’ve been an avid mac user for around 6 years now but I’m not even dumb enough to just kiss Apple’s ass for anything they do. You all probably use your macs to iChat and go on Safari, I doubt any of you use them for their strong photo/video editing software. If you aren’t mentally challenged a Windows computer will run just as fast as a mac and at fractions of the cost.

    Don’t say “Apple is the leader in technology” because they aren’t. The iPhone 4S is only a 3G phone (something people keep forgetting) and the only new features on it compared to the 4 is a dual core processor, a new camera, and Siri (which is cool but honestly it’s not essential to life). iOS is a blatant copy of features Android has had for around 2 or more years now. Drag down notification feed, up to date weather statistics, the ability to switch directly to the app when a notification comes in, these have all been done on Android devices for years now but when Apple does it everybody thinks “it’s the newest and greatest additions to a phone ever” just because it’s more polished thanks to being funded by a billion dollar corporation and not being free open source.

    Open your eyes and stop being sheep, Apple makes great products, but they aren’t as original as people think.

  • TheNewReign

    ‘I’ve been an avid “mac” user for around 6 years now’

    Something is amiss here.

  • threedeuce5

    You should research what Android actually looked like before and after the iPhone release in 2007.  I think you’ll be surprised who copied whom.  Android, in 2006, looked like a retarded cross between WinMO and BBOS… then the iPhone was released and we now have what most people would call Android.  Google completely ripped off Apple in the modern smartphone arena.  Do some actual fact finding instead of just looking at your phone and making assumptions.  

  • Harvey Lubin

    He probably means he bought an iPod Shuffle 6 years ago. ;-)

  • Daniel de Valk

    Thanks guys!

  • Jubei Kiwagami

    You mean not a bad “copy” of the Apple Store.

  • vistarox

    The difference between Microsoft and Apple is that I can actually get service at the Microsoft Store. 

  • vistarox

    He said “Nothing special was going on”

  • vistarox

    People need to remember that Apple wasn’t the first company to open stores with this design. I believe that Steve Jobs (or another Apple employee) said that they were inspired by the design of Sony’s stores (but don’t take my word on that. It was said quite a while ago).

  • envlpe

    Absolutely nothing special was going on. it was early October. Bellevue Square Mall. It was great because I had the Apple store to myself. 

  • aardman

    “A few days ago” as in black Friday?

  • envlpe

    Actually, Microsoft opened their first retail store in 1999, 2 years before Apple. It was a joke of a store in the SF Metreon building. I think the main competition was the Sony store. When Apple opened the store 2 years later, they got the formula right.

  • hippcatt

    Oh, Boo Hoo!

  • hippcatt

    Yes, if you want some peace and quiet, and 5 employees circling you to try and look needed, go to the MS Store.

  • ctt1wbw

    Sheep?  Gee, I’ve never ever heard that word in the same sentence as Apple before.  Original much?

  • ctt1wbw

    Yeah, lots of experience there, 6 years!  I used an Apple // to learn BASIC.

  • Shawn

    Because nobody else is shopping there ololololo

  • Christian Marker

    so why haven’t google sued apple yet ?

  • travisbrowny

    Two days before Black Friday. I bet it was even crazier on Black Friday.

  • jshulman10

    I’m going to lighten the mood with a good song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  • jshulman10

    hate peeople likie u eye hape dwis dwive you knuts

  • jshulman10

    The Microsoft store will not succeed because Chuck Norris has a mac

  • Len Williams

    When you stop to consider the number of Windows users to the number of Mac users, by rights you’d expect the Windows Stores to be at least 75% to 80% busier than Apple Stores. After all, with so many manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, Asus, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc., etc. there is so much choice that Windows users should be out in droves supporting their local brands and mobbing the Microsoft Store at a fever pitch of excitement about all the new products and possibilities, and … gee, it’s not happening.

    The problem, of course, is that there are so many stores where you can buy a computer, software and other electronic gizmos, there’s really no need to visit the Microsoft Store–and besides, what do they sell there? Software and Zunes? Oh wait, Zunes (make mine brown!) were discontinued because of poor sales. The Microsoft Store idea is rather pointless because of all the other venues where you can buy computer-related stuff for Windows. Their amazing marketing department, when they saw Apple’s popularity explode with the coming of the Apple Stores, decided the only thing they could do was to do exactly what Apple was doing and try to maintain more public visibility. Windows marketing is patently “follow the leader”.

    Remember when Apple had all those wonderful “I’m a Mac. I’m a PC.” ads and the very funny interaction between the two? Microsoft had to follow suit with its series of “I’m a PC” ads that were painful to watch, with the main point being “I got mine cheaper!”. The consistency of Microsoft copying Apple’s marketing, ads, stores, etc. is just embarrassing. The most amazing thing though, is that even with Apple to copy for so many years, the Windows interface still feels clunky, prosaic and just no fun as compared to using a Mac. This is one of the reasons Windows users absolutely “know” that Mac users are nut jobs. We LOVE our Macs, and they absolutely “know” that computers can never generate that kind of excitement, delight and loyalty.

  • marklouieadame

    So funny if u asked ms employee they freeze!!! Lmfao

  • Commonman

    I’m sorry but this image will forever be etched into my brain. MS is so tacky.


  • John Mozelewski

    i hate Microsoft but i think these photos were taken at different times of the day

  • c.t

    I’m sorry, I can not understand what you said/mean.

  • Cyberati

    Yea, but will it actually solve the problem? Merely being the first to get help is by no means equal to being the first with the problem solved. For that I’d wait a longer at the Genius Bar any day.

  • epgomez

    poor microsoft. i guess they have to blame themselves. they were stubborn. they didnt listen to what the customers wanted. its all about user experience. what they gave us was windows that boots up forever and shuts down unrelyably. copying files that takes forever. opening explorer that keeps on indexing adding to the lag. the registry that slows everything down bec of that useless update to the registry that is not needed because they are now stuck with it. whoever thought of that should have been fired. they killed visual basic. they killed the courier.

  • Urban location

    In those pictures the Microsoft store looks more beautiful, but I think that in reality it is quite the opposite way.

  • Michael

    In the iSteve book they revealed the inspiration for their stores was The Gap.

  • Brandon Dillon

    This, along with Kevin’s = comment of the year on this blog

  • phoenix_fire

    you should try doing some fact finding. android was in development long before ios was. not to mention that the ios interface borrowed heavily from lg and nokia designs. just look at the lg prada.

  • phoenix_fire

    you should try doing some fact finding. android was in development long before ios was. not to mention that the ios interface borrowed heavily from lg and nokia designs. just look at the lg prada.

  • Dilbert A

    Your dead wrong   …again.

  • phoenix_fire

    lol except i’m not.

    btw, where’d the again come from since that was the first time i’d ever commented on this site.

  • Shane Bryson

    I don’t know if you realize it but Andy Rubin and Eric Shcmidt were both at Apple during the development stages of the iPhone. Android released not long after with many of the same features the iPhone had. Android is a direct attempt to copy iPhone and iOS. please research. Dummy.

  • Shane Bryson

    COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WRONG. iPhone was in development before Android. In fact, Andy Rubin was at Apple during the iPhone’s development. 

  • Shane Bryson

    COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WRONG. iPhone was in development before Android.
    In fact, Andy Rubin was at Apple during the iPhone’s development. 

  • Dave

    No problem

  • c.t

    Thank you for not having issues with what I said.

  • c.t

    Thank you for not having issues with what I said.

  • twitter-63848425

    I’m not really sure how that picture says anything.  There’s ZERO indication of when the two pictures were taken.  The Apple Store shot could have been taken on a Saturday afternoon and the MS shot could be on a Tuesday morning.  Considering that most of the Mac fanboys are destined to a career in retail sales, I assumed they would have taken note of that.  For the record, I own an iPod, 3 iPhones, an iPad and a PC.  I’ve been using both MS and OS since I learned how to use computers and as far as loyalty is concerned, I have none, ya frakkin’ lemmings.  No company or product owns me and if you had any dignity or self-respect, they wouldn’t own you or define your identity, either.  Liberate yourselves from corporate consumer enslavement.

  • twitter-63848425

    And of course that 5% market penetration of OS is such a ringing endorsement of the product, isn’t it?

  • Mac Guy3135

    We’ll cmd-c cmd-v but I think we all know which one looks cleaner and more modern…