Exclusive First Look: Microsoft Word’s Interface For iPad [Humor]



Yesterday we heard word that Microsoft is planning to bring the Microsoft Office suite to iPad, but how will Microsoft adopt Office’s clean ribbon interface to a tablet? Here’s your exclusive first look, thanks to Gadget Lab’s brilliant blighter, Charlie Sorrel.

  • David Alexander Harrison

    So long as they don’t bring back that f*****g paper-clip…

  • vistarox

    Not funny. This “joke” makes no sense. Those toolbars are not part of the ribbon interface. And Cult of Mac should know that Apple doesn’t allow windowed apps into the App Store. 

  • Bitter Witch

    I’m actually looking forward to it.  I love Microsoft Office.  

  • Don Pope

    Actually, Office is the best “productivity suite” in existence today.

    If there is a Microsoft product that deserves admiration it is Office.I am glad they are making an iPad version.

  • warrengonline

    Wow, that screen is fudged!  Melted fudge to be exact.  I’m happy with Chapters (GREAT note taking app – think of it as a FILE CABINET) and Keynote (PowerPoint).  I really have no need for MS Access on my iPad2, but I know others do.  But keep in mind we already have Pages, which I have yet to purchase it as I do not need that for how I complete work for clients and friends at the moment.  off subjects just a tad, PenUltimate is an awesome scratch note pad for almost ANYTHING.  You can have a short meeting and make it into a slide show with your notes easily.  Granted, I have not connected it to my HDTV to see if it displays.

  • warrengonline

    Oh?  You didn’t hear?  The paperclip (MS Assistant) got replaced with a square..  Windows 7 ‘leveled’ the playing field.  :)  JK

  • WVMikeP


    Go outside. 

    Breathe.  Deeply.

  • shherr

    Meh. I think there’s only 2 rows of toolbars on word on my mac. It
    didn’t come that way, though. I disabled the ribbon. Word’s useful
    though. If you ever need to save something in doc/docx (for school or
    whatever reason) pages completely fucks up the formatting. It’s a pain.

  • delizade

    The images are not funny.

  • bondr006

    I will use MS Office over Pages, Numbers, and Keynote any day…..

    I have iWork ’09 on my iMac and mac mini, and it is inferior to MS Office.

    Edit: Nice hack job you did on my post. This is not even half of what I said. Nice to live in the land of Big Brother and censorship here at CoM. I guess that I should expect nothing less from a Cult.

  • CharliK

    Not funny at all. Ignorant is more like it. Microsoft might be a lot of things but they aren’t stupid. They know how to read specs, they know how to program. Yes they make some rather odd choices from time to time but Apple’s UI rules won’t allow this and even Microsoft knows this. 

  • CharliK

    They aren’t likely to make Access for the iPad given that they don’t make it for the Mac. If they make it for the iPad folks will start screaming about why they haven’t for the Mac. 

    ANd does anyone actually use Access anymore. I’d forgotten about it

  • CharliK

    I have a friend that once said that Clippy is Microsoft’s PC Load Letter. And deserves the same fate.