iTether Gives Unlimited iPhone Tethering, Grab It In The App Store Before Apple Finds Out! [Update: Yanked!]


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Whoops! That’s what the App Store review team at Apple will be saying when they see what they let slip by today. A $15 app by the name of “iTether” lets you have unlimited tethering from your iPhone’s 3G connection to your Mac or Windows computer.

We’ve tested the app out, and it actually works! So much for the carriers’ expensive personal hotspot plans.

From the App Store description:

Tether is an application that allows your Mac and PC to take advantage of your smartphone’s data plan, providing you access to the Internet on your laptop anywhere there is cellular coverage from your smartphone.

Tether is easy to install, easy to use, works practically anywhere, and is very cost-effective.

We have to concur with the statement that iTether is “easy to use.” There are literally no settings to configure on either the desktop or iPhone. Simply launch the app on the iPhone, connect the iPhone to a Mac/PC, and start using the internet!

Download the companion app for Mac and Windows to get started.

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, then you obviously want to be careful about using up your plan quickly on a desktop computer. We have no clue if iTether hides its traffic to keep carriers from seeing unauthorized tethering, so there’s a chance that you could get a friendly message from your carrier about needing to upgrade to a tethering plan.

Originally spotted by 9to5Mac, there’s no telling how soon it will take for Apple to pull this gem from its precious App Store. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Get downloading!

Update: And yanked.

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74 responses to “iTether Gives Unlimited iPhone Tethering, Grab It In The App Store Before Apple Finds Out! [Update: Yanked!]”

  1. Martin mccue says:

    I’m posting this with the itether app, I’m grandfathered into the unlimited data plan on att. will this last? or did I just donate 15 bucks?

  2. Martin mccue says:

    lets give netflix a try….

  3. Eric Ellis says:

    I am not able to download the actual app.  It looks like their site is having some major issues

  4. pollix says:

    I don’t understand your story.  I was under the impression that all Apps that are on the App Store have to be approved by Apple before they are published.  So, technically Apple already knows about the app.  This shouldn’t be any surprise to them.  Now, whether the phone company’s know about it or not, that is another story.

  5. Dave Stephens says:

    If ATT catches you, you LOSE your unlimited data plan… !

  6. Chris Freeman says:

    Last time an app was pulled and It wouldn’t function anymore, Apple gave me my money back after I reported a problem so I think you are covered.

  7. Jeremy Rom says:

    I’m having the same problem. I got the app on my phone but I can’t get the mac software off their site. It’s down or something

  8. Chris Freeman says:

    Ohh yeah this dude is right. But luckily att sends you a warning email first so just make sure to check your emails carefully and when they tell you to stop you should stop

  9. Frank Kreif says:

    Doesn’t seem to work at the moment. I can spend the money on the App but it says “unlicenced” and the mac app isn’t available at the moment…

  10. gpw2 says:

    why not just use iPhones hotspot ? I don’t have to pay for tethering…

  11. Ray Taylor says:

    Well Apple gets thousands of apps per day,  if that were the case then they would not let half of the crappy apps slip by, the fact of the matter is they are very busy so there are a lot of things that slip by. 

  12. Ray Taylor says:

    well actually, you are doing nothing wrong because its not a jail-broken app. you paid for it from apple. so no Att cant get rid of your plan. they will contact apple to pull the app then punish those who use it.  there are steps to every legal action. whoever downloads the app is doing nothing wrong. “you pay for your cell phone, its not my fault Att cant hang with sprint and support the customers data usage” Get more Bandwidth 

  13. Michael Maxwell says:

    Has anyone been able to download the PC or Mac software?

  14. Christian Park says:

    OH NO! He can just get the unlimited data plan on AT&T again. Wow magic!

  15. Aber1Kanobee says:

    Mac Client for those of you that cant access the download:

  16. Michael Maxwell says:

    Found an alternative link for the Mac software…

  17. Guest says:

    Att doesnt offer unlimited data anymore

  18. Christian Park says:

    Actually they do. It’s simple to get it. It’s a clause that AT&T had with the original iphone. They said you are required to have unlimited data plan when the original iphone was released. And some smart people are taking advantage of that and doing that. It’s easy to do. Insert you’re sim card into the first gen iphone and then activate it and you will be prompted to NEED unlimited data. Which then you select it then switch you’re sim card back to the iphone or smartphone you currently were using. You are welcome. ;D

  19. Charles Gauthier says:

    hi there, simple question:
    will it work beetween my iphone4S and my ipad 2 ? because there is no companion app for ipad …
    thanks for your answer before i spend the 15 bucks for nothing

  20. CRodBlogs says:

    was anyone able to download the companion mac app? I think their servers are overloaded.

  21. Dave Stephens says:

    As an original iPhone owner, I have unlimited data grandfathered in as well. And ATT warns me that they will certainly cut off the unlimited data plan if I opt for LEGAL tethering. Wow! Reality!

  22. oakdesk23 says:

    Don’t think that just because you got this from the App store that AT&T won’t cancel your unlimited data if you’re lucky enough to have it. You entered into an agreement with AT&T which says you will pay more for tethering. If you’re tethering without a tethering plan AT&T is within their rights to terminate your contract, or to charge you for a tethering plan. 

    Apple clearly made a mistake in approving this app and I expect it to be gone from the App store very soon. They’ll probably also remove it from your phone, although I suspect they’re obligated to give you a refund in that case.

  23. Andrew Connor Sherman says:

    I did this, it works like a charm.  Easiest thing to do ever.

  24. Dilbert A says:

    How would he do that Chris?

    EDIT: Never mind, I saw your comment below.

  25. Simon Walker says:

    Ditto here, dont want to waste the cash on something that is usless…I want this for thethering to my iPad but the info I’ve found implies that it requires some s/w on the client PC/MAC. The Blackberry version supports bluetooth, Android currently doesnt. No detials on iPhone. I’ve mailed the support desk. I hope I get a response before the app is pulled!  

  26. Russell Fogg says:

    installed it on my iPad2, downloaded the Mac app and it all just works….just as simple and elegant as all IOS apps.

    Buy it, it is a no brainer for those of us on limited plans but have a couple of devices

  27. twitter-70637979 says:

    I don’t think that’s what’s he’s asking; he’s asking if he can tether his iPad to his iPhone.  You can’t, as the client needs to be running software that is only available on Mac or PC, not iOS.  Also, it requires the iPhone to be connected to the client via USB; it doesn’t support BT.

  28. Daniel Spinner says:

    As of 9:32am it worked for me.

  29. Jordan Clay says:

    Still up at 10:09

    Wonder if I will be able to use my iPhone 3G connection to my WiFi only iPad

  30. Marcin Ostajewski says:

    poor people…almost every No-Apple phone nowadays has this feature totally for free and without installing anything…

  31. Jeania says:

    It is no longer available for purchase. SUX.

  32. MacHead84 says:

    This isnt real tethering. And having to run a third party software on your Mac to manage this means. Everything you do can more than likely be monitored by the company who made the desktop companion software. Not worth my money…

  33. joewaylo says:

    Yep it’s already gone. I figured it wouldn’t last more than a day, since it violates carrier and Apple policies. I wonder how many Gigabytes someone got before it went kaplooey.

  34. Timothy Weaver says:

    Not sure why you need a 3rd party app, as iOS natively supports tethering through the Personal Hotspot function. You can use either WiFi or Bluetooth to connect the iPad to the iPhone. In the USA, AT&T does require you to have the data plan which includes tethering. In Australia, most of the providers had tethering permitted on all their data plans.

  35. Ashok Bhupathiraju says:

    Does anyone has a link for a companion software for PC & MAC. The original link is not working

  36. nthnm says:

    I read an article that said the company makes similar software for Android and RIM phones. And I can connect my laptop to my iPhone through a USB or Wifi with Personal Hotspot and use my phones connection. Isn’t this tethering?

  37. nthnm says:

    I’m able to use the Personal Hotspot feature on both my Rogers and Telus iPhones without a special tethering plan.

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