Siri Has Been Hacked To Control iTunes, iPhoto, Word And All Your Mac’s Apps [Video]


Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 10.10.23 AM

It’s been less than a week since Siri was hacked to work with potentially every Internet-controlled gadget out there, even your car. But if that’s too far out for you, the latest plug-in for Siri Proxy allows you to control your Mac desktop using your iPhone.

That’s right. Just as Scotty aspired to do in Star Trek IV when he lifted the mouse to his moustache and drunkenly slurred commands into it, you can now lift your iPhone 4S and launch and control programs on your Mac using a new plug-in developed by Ian J. McDowell and demonstrated in the video above.

That’s not all, though. McDowell’s also figured out how to send messages using Siri through Google Voice on the iPhone.

It’s all nifty, futuristic stuff, but unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a download quite yet. I can’t wait until these hacks come to the rest of us in a nice, neat package.

  • FriarNurgle

    Siri, do my laundry. 

  • John Neumann

    Siri, tell my wife to do my laundry and then make me a sammich. 

  • John Neumann

    Siri, please find me directions to the nearest emergency room . . . 

  • John Neumann

    Siri, please direct me to the nearest emergency room. 

  • dale2000

    I love the potential, here.  Gotta say, though, that getting Siri to control iTunes running on a computer confounds things a bit.  That’s because there’s the Remote app on the iPhone which performs a similar task that Siri could, more naturally, interact with. 

    But either way you get it to work, it might be a little complicated a task to get Siri to work with.

    Also, If you’re going to use Siri to perform these tasks, at least make the best of what Siri has to offer. “Computer. Chrome. Open.” is anything but natural language. I’d even argue you could get the rudimentary Voice Recognition of your $2k iMac to perform those functions. So why add the extra layer of complexity? But now I’m just nitpicking. Still love the premise and potential of this stuff.