This iPhone 4 Ignited Into Flame On An Australian Flight, But Everyone’s Okay



While Apple’s iPhone is famous for packing a long list of fancy features, self combustion definitely should not be one of them. For one iPhone 4 user who recently took their device onboard an Australian airplane, however, that’s exactly what they got.

One iPhone user onboard the Australian flight Regional Express ZL319 between Lismore and Sydney alarmed a number of fellow passengers when their device began emitting smoke and glowing red hot.

Fortunately, the plane had just landed, and a flight attendant as able to carry out “recovery actions” to ensure the “red glow was extinguished successfully” and that no one was harmed by the handset, according to a press release from the airline, entitled “Mobile Phone Combustion.”

A picture of the handset above clearly shows a number of large cracks in the rear casing of the device where the smoke has poured through, and a large hole from whence the “red glow” was emitted. It’s unclear whether some of those cracks were there beforehand or whether the combustion itself caused them. But based on the location of the hole, it would appear the iPhone’s battery is at fault here.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard stories of self combusting iOS devices, but they’re usually related in some way to the device’s charger when it’s hooked up to a power outlet. As far as I recall, this is the first time an iPhone has self combusted in the hands of its user.

[via The Next Web]

  • Stuart Donaghy

    Has anyone noticed that the back logo is the one that incorporates Steve Jobs?! So I’m guessing it’s been played with at some point to change that & could be a reason why it suddenly combusted.

  • mduncanvm

    A girl in brazil also had her iPhone 4 burn in the middle of the night (with pics):

    Should I be worried? Her’s seemed just a regular untampered model and from what I heard apple already replaced it for her.

  • OverLordDZ

    Actually, I think a crack is obscuring the image. Unless Steve Jobs’ outline resembles Mao all of the sudden.

  • P.R.

    Chinese knock off POS

  • Jasen Bartlett

    Yup looks like he disassembled the device to put on a custom back piece of glass…

  • vishal subudhi

    its cmpltly fake….faccckkk wt kind of business tricks does apple’s opponents play…To say CHEAP GAME!!