Apple’s Black Friday Deals Are Going Live Around The World


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We Americans have stuffed our faces with turkey and various assortments of tasty dishes, and now it’s time for Black Friday. That means Apple’s online stores around the world are getting updated with special sales. Many other retails are also offering hot deals on our favorite Apple gadgets and accessories.

Black Friday sales have already gone live in Apple’s UK and Australia online stores, and many of the company’s products are available at a discounted price. Most price cuts offer about 10% off any given Apple product.

The iPad, iPod touch, iPod nano, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac are all part of Apple’s Black Friday sale this year. Apple is also offering keyboards, mouse peripherals, and iPad Smart Covers at a discounted price. Customers can grab iTunes Christmas gift cards at a slight discount, which is basically free money.

All of the specific price drops were leaked Tuesday. The deals look to be exactly the same as last year.

As Macgasm notes, you can usually find better deals for Apple gear on Amazon. There’s actually a really hot deal ($149 to be exact) on Amazon right now for the MacBook Air.

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Happy shopping!