Check Out Susan Kare’s Original Graph Paper Designs For Classic Mac OS Icons [Gallery]


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I’ve always had a little crush on Susan Kare, the graphical interface pioneer who designed most of the original Mac OS icons and also designed the first proportionally spaced digital font, but this incredible piece on her over at PLOS had me wooed all over again, especially when I saw her incredible original sketches of the Mac OS icons we all know and love, which Susan laboriously designed on graph paper.

Check out some of her work on icons both familiar and foreign below, it’s the best thing I’ve seen all day.

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7 responses to “Check Out Susan Kare’s Original Graph Paper Designs For Classic Mac OS Icons [Gallery]”

  1. Ram Kanda says:

    Really nice. As a guy who’s done pixel art myself, I can really appreciate how good her work is. When you’re challenged with making a picture with so few pixels, the tendency is to be as literal as possible, making sure that the image is a perfect low-res reproduction of its real life counterpart. But Susan’s art has whimsey and bulges and weird angles that give her pixel art friendliness and character.

  2. fortninety says:

    Oh God, that pixel portrait of Jobs is, like, the greatest thing ever.

  3. Ashely8758 says:

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  4. MarioWario says:

    Oh I loved the Happy Mac – reminds me of editing with resedit (in System 7 times) :)))

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