Apple Brings Subscription Model To Games In The App Store


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12 responses to “Apple Brings Subscription Model To Games In The App Store”

  1. Dragonheartsails says:

    So what happens to the games you already own? I think this is a bad idea all around.

  2. Darklord-shiro says:

    I think this is not a good idea. First you have to subscribe to publications in newsstand, now Big Fish wants money every month for their worthless time-eaters and soon we will have to pay for updates in all apps…

  3. Bro Man says:

    BIG FAIL!!

  4. Seth Chapman says:

    As long as you can still purchase games outright, at the same cost, I don’t see a problem with it. Theoretically, it could be better. As far as I know, this dev makes what, 20-30 games? At $5 a month, compared to the purchase price, you could run through all of those casual games in 3-4 months, easily. Hell, even 12 months. $60 a year vs $210 for buying them all individually. Seems like a good deal.

    The keyword in that article though is “initially”.

  5. Njideka Okafor says:


    I don’t think you’re giving them the credit they deserve. While you may not fancy gaming, The business model benefits both sides. With the small monthly rental, you get to play an unlimited number of games which they make available on the store (especially the new ones).

    While in the eventual, i think they might have other options of letting a user buy an app outright, this model lets you tryout any game for a month.

    Think about it.

  6. Njideka Okafor says:

    If you own it already, then its definitely still yours. This is a own new arrangement. 

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