Quickly Access Your International Keyboards With One Tap [iOS Tips]



I use multiple keyboards on my iOS devices English (US), Emoji, and Deutsch (German). It used to be a drag to have to click the globe icon on the keyboard multiple times to get to the keyboard you needed, but not any more. You can reach all your keyboards with just one finger!


If you are accessing a keyboard anywhere in iOS and you have multiple keyboards active you’ll see a globe shaped icon on a key to the left of the space bar. If you tap the globe once it moves to each keyboard in your list one at a time sequentially. If you tap and hold it instead you’ll get a pop-up list of keyboards you’ve activated in one view. Tap the one you want from the list and jump to it immediately. It’s fast and easy. Highly recommend for people using more than just one or two keyboards.

  • Kevinljm

    This was available before iOS 5, but good article! :D

  • vistarox

    I’m kinda getting tired of all these pointless iOS 5 tips. The globe is always there as long as there are two keyboards enabled. Its a pretty hard thing for people to miss. The next tip is probably gonna be something like: “You can access the internet by clicking the Safari icon on the home screen”

  • Mzr

    David W. Martin,did you know you post the most useless articles ever posted in Cult Of Mac ? You think people are that stupid ?


    Thank you, everyone needs entry level tips like this at some point. The 4S is my first iPhone, and I honestly had no idea about this. Can any phone see emoji or just iPhones?

  • Aphex M

    Noooooooo Wayyyyyyy

  • twitter-70637979

    Go back and read the article again.  It’s not about the globe, it’s about the fact that rather than keep having to tap the globe to go through different keyboards, you can tap and hold the globe to get a list of the keyboards rather than have to scroll through them.

  • DavidWMartin

    See comment above yours. It never ceases to amaze me about how rude some readers can be who have no respect for people that don’t know everything like you apparently do. Go back under your bridge buddy.

  • Darren Yap

    instead of tap n hold, just tap n drag upwards to your choice of keyboard. it’s faster n much more useful for those with 3 or more keyboards. cheers!

  • Jeffrey Gee

    Manners = FAIL!

  • E Sizzle

    i believe that the user on the other end must have ios% to see your emoji.  friends without tell me that a bunch of question marks just show up when i send emoji to them.

  • E Sizzle


  • JohnJohnJ

    Multiple keyboards? Huh? Author, how about tips that would benefit a wider reader audience.

  • Boris


  • Mzr

    Rude?!! OK ,So it if the word “Useless” is considered rude,then you seriously have some problems.
    Cult of mac is a great site but with articles like this……..
    You can make a section for the site called : “How-to for newbies” and that way you can write this kind of articles.
    My comments weren’t rude and it was alla bout critics.
    Go check your articles and the comments and you’ll see there are many people like me who hate such noobish articles.(at least in cult of mac)
    Have a look at other mac sites such as 9to5mac,macworld(or even other authors who write for this site) and you’ll see what I am talking about.
    Ive been a long cult of mac reader but with articles such this and such rude replies from authors who think their article is the best,I think I’m wasting my time.
    At the end, instead of calling critics like me “Rude” write better articles iOS has much more interesting parts which many users may yet now know of it.

  • Mzr

    The author doesn’t like critics ……

  • [Deleted User]

    u idiot this has been available since iOS 4 , wanker

  • Aaron

    Why don’t you stay at those other sites. Your negative, unhelpful comments are not welcome here.

  • Aaron

    I came here to say the same thing, just with nicer language.

  • macjackb

    To those posting abusive remarks: how much time out of your urgent lives did you lose by reading this article? Is it such a grievous insult to you? I hope you all get an Android for Xmas.


    Thank you E Sizzle. 

  • simosim

    It’ a tip, a hint, something to help people out. If you don’t need it, move on. It was helpful to me.
    Could people try to be a bit nicer? Seems obvious to me…

  • simosim

    I didn’t know and I’m pretty smart on a good day.

  • simosim

    You were rude. Dude

  • Frap1412

    Just a little stupid question…. why in my iPhone there is not the microphone icon on note ????? Maybe the italian version is different or i’m only stupid ;-))))

  • Mzr

    You may find it negative or unhelpful ,but many people agree with me.Just look at the comments.
    Not everyone expects this kind of articles in sites like Cult of mac.

  • Mzr

    The truth hurts doesn’t it ? It seems many people take critics as being rude…

  • Hampus

    Most likely because you don’t have an iPhone 4s, that buttons is for text-input trough siri.

  • Hampus

    Yea, that would be two taps not one as the title states…

    It’s a nice feature (but it’s not new) now that I have the Emoji keyboard enabled too, for some reason Apple decided the “globe” button should be in a different position on the Emoji keyboard so with it enabled tapping trough the keyboards got a bit annoying…

  • Hampus

    I actually the should be visible to earlier iOS versions seeing how there where apps that let you send messages with emoji symbols in earlier version…

    I’m guessing you’ll get mixed results depending on who your sending a message to, or rather what device.

  • Frap1412

    I have an iPhone 4s, maybe because Siri in not active yet in italian language ? don’t think so………

  • jerryglen

    David W. Martin,did you know you post the most useless articles ever posted in Cult Of Mac ? You think people are that stupid ?

    New to iPad. Guess I’m one of those stupid ones! Thanks for “the most useless article”. It was useful for a dumb person like me. Someday, I will be enlightened, but I hope that I will always try to help, not debase people!