Apple’s New Ad Showcases Our Love For The iPad 2 [Video]


Apple has begun airing a new commercial for the iPad 2 called ‘Love’, which showcases our love for the company’s incredibly popular tablet. In the thirty-second clip, we see people of all ages using the device while they go about their daily lives, doing things like movie editing, music recording, painting, learning, and more.

“Getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this.”

  • pawel_z_wrocka

    What is this gorgeous gorgosaurus app? 

  • Chinkychadha

    I have the same love for my iPad 2<3

  • psychobueller

    Amazing the difference in tone and feeling between Apple’s iPad ads and the spec-focused “other” tablet ads. No wonder NO ONE cares about the Android tabs.

  • Quinnvinlove

    I’m not watching the ad because I am bleeping sick of seeing spoiled toddlers bang iPads around

  • Jabjabs Lefonte

    It it was mentioned on Mac break weekly a few months back that they had seen an advertisement for a table that had the line “Your wife will love the Tegra 2 inside”

    With lines like that it is easy to see why other tablets are failing to grab the mass attention   of the public compared to iPad.