The TILT Is The First Cooling Stand That Actually Looks Good Under Your MacBook Pro


The Tilt by madMINDS from Sulmo Kim on Vimeo.

A cooling stand is traditionally one of the ugliest accessories you can buy for your svelte MacBook Pro, one that’s guaranteed to take all that hard work Apple put into creating a beautiful notebook and just throwing it away. That is, until the TILT came along.

The TILT is the “ultimate cooling stand” for your 15-inch MacBook Pro, and the best thing about it is it doesn’t look like other cooling stands. Carefully designed to match the look and feel of your notebook and made from industrial strength ABS, it promises to eliminate “lap burn” while adding less that 0.6-inches of thickness to your device.

The TILT weighs less than one pound, and it’s shaped to provide a better typing experience both on your desk or on your lap. It also features a built-in tripod thread that allows you to mount your MacBook Pro on any standard camera tripod. (Providing it’s strong enough, of course.)

The device is currently available to pre-order exclusively through Kickstarter, with prices starting at just $45. That’s $10 less than its future retail price, which I think is still pretty cheap for the coolest cooling stand available for your MacBook Pro.

  • Voenixrising

    I’d be all over this if it were available for the 13″ model, but sadly it looks like we 13-inch owners are left out in the heat for now.

  • wurgi

    I see what you did there.

  • Willd

    Even though the warmth of my MacBook Pro during the winter is a good thing, the burning of my legs is not a good thing. Nice idea. 

  • Brittp2

    the burning on your legs is from Flash running up your Pro’s temps. Get rid of Flash and tell CoM to get rid of it tooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • m_el

    “All that hard work Apple put in”
    Surely with that amount of design I don’t need this. The cooling should be built into the laptop?

  • Rowanova

    This should be made available for the other sizes of MBP units also. I like the ability to mount on a tripod as well. Has anybody here seen something like that for the iPad? (the tripod option, that is)

  • GregsTechBlog

    Not bad. I’ve got a huge Thermaltake cooling pad on my desk. It adds a log of bulk and height to my MacBook. If this can efficiently keep the MacBook cool, then it’s a great alternative. 

  • t_a_k_e_s_h_i

    It is.  If you want additional cooling — that’s what this is for.  There’s always room for tweaking the factory setup.  The factory design has to be far less bulky.