Only 12 Hours Left On Our Discounted Deal For Internet Security Barrier X6 [Deals]




There are only 12 hours left on the Mac Security suite, Internet Security Barrier X6 brought to you by Deals.CultofMac.

Mac usage has soared, and now hackers are targeting our brushed aluminum devices too. You’ve got your trojan viruses, macro worms, malware programs, and let’s not forget the good ol’ polymorphic virus! Another day in the Mac Jungle equals another chance of a cyber-thug trying to break down your stack with viruses, malware, worms, and trojans.

We’re very excited for the opportunity to offer you the best-in-breed virus protection software for Macs. Please do your homework: look it up, do a Google search – you’ll see that everyone says the same thing: “Internet Security Bundle X6 from Intego (which comes with a total of 5 virus-busting apps including the award-winning Virus Barrier X6) is the best virus protection for Mac. Period.”

Internet Security Bundle X6 from Intego is a comprehensive protection suite on Rambo-steroids. Yeah, we said Rambo. It does more than just protect your Mac. It protects your livelihood – 24/7! This software protects your world.

For only $48, it’s a no brainer.

Who should get this security software?

  • Anyone who doesn’t want their information to be poached by Internet thieves
  • People who are searching for the ULTIMATE Mac protection software

The weapons you’ll acquire:

  • VirusBarrier X6
  • ContentBarrier 10.6
  • Personal Backup 10.6
  • Personal Antispam 10.6
  • FileGuard 10.6

The super powers your Mac will gain:

  • Full anti-malware protection together with firewall
  • Network protection
  • Parental control
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-spyware
  • Backup
  • Antispam features
  • And more than 200 new features

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and nab this deal while we got it.

  • imajoebob

    Well, I guess if you ‘re too stupid to NOT click on the “Install Now” buttons that randomly pop up on your screen, or you can’t read any of the scores of articles on how to set up your firewalls (including here on CoM), it’s worth 50 bucks to protect yourself from your own stupidity.  And you’ll help support CoM.

  • mjrmd

    Leander, You know. We know. This is a waste of money.

  • MacHead84

    Sophos has a free Mac Anti Virus

  • TannerBott

    i see no point for a virus scanner on mac, if your not tormenting files or whatever you got nothing to be scared of unlike on windows 

  • iHerring

    I’m always curious when I see comments that seem to imply a more negative position that the situation seems to warrant. Whenever discussions like this comes up, there are always those who vehemently claim the Macs don’t have any viruses blah blah blah and everyone is just as smart as you so the recent malware attacks aren’t a concern either… 

    The fact is threats do exist for Mac OS X, and attacks are getting more and more clever in their approach. One of the more recent ones modifies a file so the Apple malware updates no longer work. This requires either a system restore or reinstall to fix. But no problem, keep telling everyone that they don’t need this stuff because you are so smart and will never fall for these types of attacks. 

    Thats sorta irresponsible advice isn’t it?  

    It’s usualy the people who don’t install antivirus software on their Mac that go running to the AV companies if some nasty thing comes out, as happened last March, and demands that they handle the threat. So, really, it’s as simple as making a choice: either install additional security for your Mac or don’t.  It’s your stuff you’re protecting – or not.  

    If you are one to play it safe and looking to purchase antivirus for your Mac, Internet Security Barrier X6 is the top tier choice. Intego is the only Mac security expert. The others specialize in protecting Windows operating systems or some other lower quality computer that isn’t made by Apple. Go with the best.

  • EasyOSX

    Personally I like Sophos’s free AV solution.  Sophos is well known for security, especially looking out for Mac vulnerabilities.  Besides being free, it’s really light, fairly customizable, powerful, and doesn’t look to bad in the menubar either.  It does have it’s flaws, but being one of the few free options, I can’t complain too much.  I wrote a review of it here:

  • EasyOSX

    I think you mean torrenting, not tormenting.  And there are other reasons.  Mac’s are becoming more susceptible to malware, but should also think about the down-river effect.  This means that you could unintentionally pass on a Windows virus, but you likely wouldn’t know it because Windows malware won’t affect the Mac.  Having a good AV on the Mac would not only help prevent against the small number of Mac threats, but also be good for helping you not perpetuate Windows malware.

  • Ehutchins

    Virus attacks account for less than 2% of all malicious attacks on computers. Most malware can be prevented by educating users.

  • marco bezoetdebie

    It is that i am not against anti virus software. In my PC-days the software always slowed the computer a lot, also on start up. Is it the same with intego on a mac? 

  • Clarkj

    I had this installed when I upgraded to Lion. It killed my wireless performance and trashed 2 years worth of Time Machine backups.

  • Mitchell Busby

    Wasn’t Intego rumoured to have created the “MacDefender” virus? I was confused about that whole thing

  • iHerring

    I’m running Intego’s VirusBarrier X6 on my MacBook Pro and haven’t had any issues with it slowing the computer down. I’ve had it installed for about 4 months now. Even when running scans with CPU and disk priority at its highest level (see image), I don’t experience a blip of slowness. 

    However, that being said, I’m using Mac OS X Lion version 10.7.2 w/ processor 2GHz Intel Core i7. 

    So if you have a similar Apple processor, you should be fine, but I obviously can’t speak for everyone. I guess you could always adjust the CPU and disk priority settings too, if your computer does actually slow down.

  • iHerring

    I don’t know. I’ve always wondered the same thing about all AV companies. But I highly doubt it’s true. That sounds more like a conspiracy theory than anything based on fact.

    Hackers and creators of malware are usually in it for the money, stealing credit card numbers, personal files and whatnot, so it seems counter productive for a legitimate security firm to be creating Trojan horses that could (and would) result in their own arrests and prison time. 

    I do know Intego discovered the MacDefender malware. Not sure who started the rumor that they created it though…

  • Steve Jackson

    Hard Sell

  • Soulrecycler

    steer need to complicate perfection.