Get Your iPhone 4S On Verizon For Better Calls, AT&T For Faster Data



Want the iPhone 4S but still unsure which carrier to commit to? It was easier when there was just one, right? Well maybe this will help you decide: A test performed by Metrico Wireless highlights the strengths and weaknesses of all three iPhone 4S providers — AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon — with Verizon coming out on top when it comes to reliable calls, and AT&T beating the others to faster data.

Metrico rigorously tested Apple’s latest iPhone by performing over 21,000 webpage downloads; 8,000 download and upload tests; and 6,000 voice calls on both real and simulated networks, while stationary and in motion.

Their results revealed Verizon was by far the most reliable carrier for making calls, with just 2.1% of calls being dropped. Its rivals, AT&T and Sprint, dropped 2.8% and 3.7% of calls respectively. However, Metrico notes some of the dropped calls will be thanks to the iPhone itself, with the average dropped call rate for the industry at just 1.4%, and the device being famous for its poor call reliability.

Although Sprint was at the bottom of the pile with regard to dropped calls, it came out on top for live network voice quality on the uplink (outward traffic connecting to mobile satellites). AT&T did beat the carrier on the downlink, however, and Verizon showed lag on both.

AT&T proved to be by far the best carrier for data speeds, with those on the iPhone 4S showing a significant improvement to speeds achieved with the iPhone 4. The new device reached download speeds of up to 6,047Kbps on AT&T, which was followed by Verizon with less than half that at 2,371Kbps, and Sprint in third, achieving just 1,767Kbps.

Metrico notes that their results accurately reflect the marketing messages preached by each of the carriers:

While AT&T touts its data speeds, Verizon stresses that reliability trumps all else. Sprint, which didn’t dominate its rivals in any performance category, instead promotes its status as the only unlimited carrier.

Metrico wouldn’t go so far as to recommend which phone to buy, but Malhotra says the hope is that consumers use the numbers to pick their priorities and that handset makers and wireless operators use it to improve their shortcomings.

So, there you have it: For more reliable calls, get your iPhone 4S on Verizon. For better data speeds, choose AT&T. And for unlimited but slow data, choose Sprint.

[via The Next Web]

  • Señor Taco

    Im Proud to say that i have an iphone 4s with sprint and it SUCKS… It drops calls every day the data speed is horrible .. .07mps??? Really?

  • cyberb0b

    I have AT&T and was actually surprised to start seeing the 5-6mb download speeds. 

  • Jay

    Confirms my decision to stay with AT&T. They have improved their dropped call rate to an acceptable level, slaughter the others on data, and GSM is the only system to allow simultaneous voice and data. Grandfathering my unlimited data plan was just icing on the cake.

  • Joe J. Haro

    Believe me. I did the same thing, I went w/Sprint for the Unlimited Data and all I can say is that as soon as my 2 years are up… I’m done w/them for good probably. Unless they fix whatever problems their having. 

  • IamJAd

    There shouldn’t be an acceptable dropped call rate, unless you’re in BFE or traveling between a couple big mountains at the time.

    With a slower data rate, I’ll eventually get my data.  With dropped call rate, I lose the call, and have to either restart the call (if you’re lucky), or call back.

  • iDaBoss

    Haven’t we known this for years and years?

  • Kazoooooooooom

    No sh*t the ATT iphone 4s is going to have faster speeds it has HSPA+ which is atts fake “4G” till they roll out LTE . Sprint and Verizon still have it stuck on their standard 3G because there is no Verizon 4G lte chip or Sprints lame wimax 4G

  • HerbalEd

    2.1% vs 2.8%? Who cares?

  • AnotherScott

    Not in New York. Verizon is faster than AT&T for data here.

    There seems to be no scenario where it makes sense to choose AT&T in NY.