Use Raise To Speak On iPhone 4S For Text Entry Via Dictation [iOS Tips]



By now, every iPhone 4S user has to know about the raise to speak feature that activates Siri. You simply raise your iPhone 4S to your ear, wait for the two tones and start talking. Ask Siri a silly or serious question and it usually has an answer for you. Sometime it isn’t what you would expect.

Although it is fun to ask Siri questions, you can also use Siri for dictation purposes. You can activate dictation by pressing the microphone button on the iOS pop-up keyboard. But did you know there is another way to start dictation?

It turns out that you can also start using the dictation features of Siri by simply raising your iPhone 4S to your head any time the microphone key on the virtual keyboard is visible. Just wait for the single tone to sound and start talking. Your words will magically appear in the text box you’d normally type in.

I experimented with different apps and I found one that didn’t work until I reset my iPhone 4S by simply pressing and holding Sleep/Wake and the Home button until the Apple logo appeared. Afterwards that particular app started to accept dictation data entry using the method described above.

  • prof_peabody

    This worked like a charm for me in Notes (the built in Notepad), but won’t work in any other notepad application it seems.  

    It’s too bad, since almost everyone replaces that horrible notes app with something more  functional or more aesthetically pleasing.   

    Maybe now Steve is dead we can finally get rid of the yellow paper and silly font?

  • Viktor

    Tested in the Mail app, worked great!

  • Jonathan Ober

    I found this out accidentally one day when I put my phone In my pocket after responding to a text and not shutting off the phone. Next time I pulled my Phone out of my pocket it had the conversation with my wife written in a text bubble. Lucky it didn’t send it. That would have been funny. Cool thing was that it picked up most of the words correctly minus some garble for lingo/talking fast and pocket muffle.