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Flipboard Readies For iPhone App With New Account Feature



Flipboard, a popular RSS reader for the iPad, has been updated with a new Account feature that lets users sync settings across devices. A Flipboard Account lets users store feeds and other settings in the cloud.

Once a new Account is set up in-app, reading preferences and feeds are available to anyone that uses that login on another iPad. A Flipboard iPhone app is in the works, and this new feature prepares the service for syncing settings across more iOS devices in the near future.

Starting today, you can sign up for a Flipboard Account. With Accounts, your reading preferences stay with you no matter how you access Flipboard. For example, families and friends who share an iPad can log into Flipboard and find their favorite sections. And when Flipboard comes to the iPhone, accounts ensure that your Flipboard is configured exactly as you like it, with your favorite reading sources already saved and your social networks connected.

Even social network settings and profile pictures are synced with Flipboard’s new Account feature. After entering a username, password, email and real name, Flipboard creates a dedicated account that can be used on any copy of the app.

Tumblr and 500px integration has also been added in this latest update.

There’s no specific ETA on Flipboard for iPhone, but users can expect the app to drop any day now. Flipboard is also rumored to be considering integration with movies and TV shows.

You can downloaded version 1.6 of Flipboard for iPad in the App Store for free.

(via MacStories)