Santa, Check Your List: Kids Want iPads, iPod Touches And iPhones For Christmas



What do the kids want under the Christmas tree this year? According to new market research by Nielsen, youngsters in the US want iPads, iPod touches, and iPhones.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, kids between the ages of 6 and 12 desperately want a precious iOS device from Apple. The iPad is the most desired product on the nation’s collective Christmas lists, while the iPod touch and iPhone sit comfortably in the second and third spot.

Interesting, the computer fell a couple of places on the list this year.

The chart changed a little bit when the age range shifted to 13 years old and up. The iPad still dominated:

What are you buying your kids for Christmas this year?

  • Kazoooooooooom

    who the hell spends $500 minimum on their kids for christmas?

  • Connor Mulcahey

    1.) Another repost from 9 to 5
    2.) Honestly its not that bad of a deal, i would rather buy my kid an iPad which will not only entertain them with games but also be useful for all other sorts of things. I would rather buy them that than $500 dollars worth of useless plastic chinese Mattel crap that either breaks or they get board of within a month. The kind of things that are marketed to kids on TV that in real life is. However if you do get your kid an iPad, don’t get them anything else, don’t buy them a new one every year. If they aren’t in high school or college yet then get it to be shared for the family or between two kids. It really is a gift, you just have to be careful not to spoil them.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    *…in real life is not all that great as it seemed.

  • heeloliver

    I know kids who get a freaking macbook pro and all they use if for is iTunes and Safari…most of them aren’t capable of doing anything else.

  • lb51

    It’s up to the parents to set the expectations. We bought our son, who just turned 9, an iMac two years ago. He has been to several film production camps learning about green screens, stop motion, film editing and more with both Avid and Final Cut Pro. He will be going to another digital camp this winter and summer learning more about film production and animation. And, he wasn’t the only elementary child attending.

  • Maxreagan

    Your son is really lucky! I’m 14 and I don’t even have a computer. I had to scrape all my money together from 2 birthdays and christmas’ just to get my iPhone 4

  • Maxreagan

    My dad spends no more than $100 on me during Christmas or my birthday

  • m_el

    Thank god for that. I had the impression that Americans were so rich that spending $500 minimum on kids was the norm.

  • :(

    I’m thirteen. When I was nine, I played outside. Who the hell buys their young kid a iMac?! Talk about spoilt. I saved up for a year to get my ipod touch, then there’s other kids who just get one given to them for free. Annoying.

  • mlahero

    To be fair that’s what a lot of adults use their macbook pros for as well……….. such wasted potential for a machine. It breaks my heart.

  • lb51

    My son, also plays outside along with playing on team sports; baseball, swimming, and basketball. He also loves art, drawing comic books, playing his electric guitar, riding his skateboard, scooter, bike, skiing and being funny as hell. Life is a choice and he chose to open himself up for the experience.

  • heeloliver

    Absolutely. When it comes to good use, and you feel like spending money, go right for it. And for the other poor chaps before me: Just because YOU can not receive gifts like that doesn’t mean that OTHERS can’t receive gifts. Calm down.