Kinect-Style Gesture Interface Could Help Control Future iPads [Report]


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Multitouch is so 2011. The future of computer interaction is gestures. Instead of swiping a finger, say analysts, we’ll be waving our hand. And in one of those ‘back to the future moments,’ Microsoft, which Apple passed in a blur, could be leading the ‘gestures’ movement thanks to its gaming interface Kinect.

“Microsoft Kinect has legs much beyond gaming and perhaps it’s the future for interacting in bigger spaces,” IDC analyst Al Hilwa said. Windows 8 could support gestures, especially if the new OS is part of a home entertainment system, connecting to your television as a set top box, he added.

Although there is opportunity for Microsoft to jump ahead of touchscreens, 3D and other interface possibilities, the Windows maker “has an execution problem,” Hilwa notes. Already, Microsoft is being kept busy trying to figure out how to successfully enter the tablet market.

For gaming, gestures appears to have skipped over touchscreens and 3D, according to Gartner analyst Brian Blau. Blau warns of potential hiccups with any new interface, using the Palm Pilot as an example. The idea of a PDA was groundbreaking, but users were forced to learn Graffiti to enter text. Such possible scenarios make the Gartner analyst forecast keyboards will be around for at least 100 more years.

However, the traditional keyboard will be transformed, adding not only gestures, but also touch and speech. In Germany, the Human Computer Interaction Lab envisions a touchscreen keyboard that provides a tactile response for users. The timeline on that? About five years.

Is there a forthcoming iPad that uses Kinect-like gestures to supplement its multitouch abilities? Seems pretty crazy to us, but if anyone can make it work, it’s Apple. Most of this analyst’s comments, though, come across as just weird running at the mouth. “THE KEYBOARD WILL LAST 100 YEARS.” Well, okay… let’s ask what Siri has to say about that.

  • imajoebob

    If there’s anything that will enable MS to stop Apple’s relentless march to dominance, it’s Kinect. Apple has to find a way to duplicate it without violating the patents (MS has the money to do to Apple what Apple does to the rest of them), or in 20 years we’ll be looking back at Jobs’ NDA/distortion field causing Kinect to pass up Apple as the tipping point that killed them.

    Not as hyperbolic as it seems at first blush.

  • SolarSaves

    I remember seeing several Apple patents within the past few years that described using gestures with iPad/iPhone types of devices. So it seems that Apple is already researching, developing and patenting ways to interact with their products using gestures above the screens, without touching them. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple offering it’s own gesture based interface. Along with a continually improving Siri. Vocal commands and gestures… now that’s the interface of the future!

  • Bob Forsberg

    Eye movement sensors and Siri type interfaces make gestures & Kinect irrelevant on anything but active gaming environments.

  • imajoebob

    And who’s to say Apple won’t replace the brushed aluminum with transparent!

  • imajoebob

    And who’s to say Apple won’t replace the brushed aluminum with transparent!

  • sir1jaguar


    Another invention by another company that APPLE WILL STEAL & COPY…

    But later on, they will call it magical and first…

    All innovation of APPLE was stolen, copy and bought from other companies invention…


  • Space Ace

    As someone who’s actually played Kinect games on the Xbox…I hope this isn’t the future of touch-based devices.

  • Duke

    The don’t invent, they RE-invent, thats what has made them successful, seeing whats broken with an product and fixing it

  • sir1jaguar

    When you say RE-invent, are you proud???

    I’m NOT…

    Apple have tons of money so why not spend it to those untapped ideas and don’t steal, copy or buy other mind boggling inventions…

    I’m not anti or pro APPLE, I just like to see them as inventor too because lots of people knows that they are just a marketing and designing company NEVER AN INVENTOR OF ANY TECHNOLOGY…

  • sir1jaguar



  • virtualjesture

    Video Gesture Control technology was invented, pioneered and evangelized by GestureTek from 1986 onwards. In 2000 They invented 3D gesture recognition and control with 3D depth cameras. They have installed thousands of variations of the technology around the world and licenced the various forms of the technolgy and their patents out to many: Sony for the PlayStation EyeToy, and to Microsoft for the XBOX, and onto over 100 million mobile phones……I look forward to seeing the APPROPRIATE video gesture control on all devices, including what Apple will do with it…….