One Day Left To Dive Into iOS App Development With Deals @ Cult of Mac [Deals]



Have you ever had an amazing idea for an iOS app but then been devastated by the realization that you don’t know how to code and build an app? Yeah, me too… been there, done that. Which is why we’re stoked to bring you a deal on how to build a killer iPhone or iPad app with the Dive into iOS instructional course from Udemy. If you don’t want to wind up like poor George Costanza, then this deal is something you need to check out over at

Now is your chance to make it happen…

Here’s the steal (yes, when course material like this is only $79 it’s better than a deal):

After just a couple of hours of online instruction you will be well on your way to building your dream iPhone and/or iPad app. Yes, your DREAM app; an app that could turn your ghetto ride into a Ferrari (literally); an app that could give you some serious points with the ladies (or fellas…we don’t discriminate); an app that could turn your diehard hobby into a new thrilling career; an app that could change the world.

Ok – you get the point…

This thorough, easy to follow video course package will allow you to build your first app; once you know how, the only limitation to the possibilities will be your imagination.

Sure, you could learn how to build an app through a university or technical college, and end up paying a couple thousand bucks while spending pointless hours commuting, but if I were you I’d have to consider this option.

You’ll be able to save your valuable time and money, and you’ll be able to make your app take ACTION today.

All the best entrepreneurs say the same thing: “It’s all about EXECUTION.” Nothing happens until you JFDI.

You can’t go wrong with the Dive into iOS course package. Just imagine your app climbing the charts and making its way to the #1 spot. Can you say… ‘Game Changer’?

Who should consider buying this course?

  • Everyone who’s been dreaming of creating their own app
  • Aspiring developers
  • Designers
  • Startup Founders
  • Business Owners

The knowledge you’ll gain:

  • Writing header and implementation files
  • Memory management
  • Source code
  • Navigation controllers
  • Scroll views
  • Table views
  • Publishing
  • Web services
  • Camera techniques
  • Webkit
  • CoreLocation
  • UITouch
  • And more…

What’s included:

  • 22 specific and succinct videos broken down into 3 sections (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) that walk you through iPhone and iPad development process and the theory behind it.
  • Plus 13 example apps with the complete source code. This alone is worth way more than $79.
  • Discussion board to ask Sidwyn (your instructor) for help and discuss with other students.

Deal terms:

  • You bought it, so you’ll get unlimited access to the videos FOREVER…or as long as the Interwebs exist.
  • If you aren’t fully satisfied, you can return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund.

ACTUAL Student Reviews:

Very capable instructor despite his age. He is able to outdo anyone in this industry. I believe he will be somebody GREAT in the future. I personally enjoyed his class and learned many useful skills despite having no prior programming knowledge. Cheers to our young capable instructor. – Jason C.

Sidwyn has always prepared well for each lesson and responded to questions patiently. He is also more than willing to help us after lessons, which I believe is going beyond his call of duty. – Rudy G.

Although Sidwyn is younger than me, he has excellent delivery skills. He takes each iPhone training very seriously. If you’re looking for quality iPhone training lessons, Sidwyn is definitely the one to learn from. –Edwin T.

Sidwyn is knowledgeable and teaches very well. I enjoyed it very much and it was certainly worth my time. – Real N. B.


What are you waiting for? Click here to get this awesome deal now.


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42 responses to “One Day Left To Dive Into iOS App Development With Deals @ Cult of Mac [Deals]”

  1. FriarNurgle says:

    I might try the FREE Stanford courses first. 

  2. Jufooball says:

    How do we get this? Is it Mac only? If its windows I’m 100% in.

  3. Guest says:

    The Stanford course is CS193P iPhone Application Development.   The Fall 2011 material is now available.  

  4. David Clark says:

    There’s plenty of FREE videos via the iTunesU. Which can be streamed on your iOS device if you so choose.

  5. David Clark says:

    Also, way to fail on including a link. ;P

  6. Pontus Ekman says:

    So, how do we get it?

  7. Buster says:

    links added

  8. Lake Elkhorn Park User says:

    What’s with the scrapping and tapping noises in the video?  Was this recorded from a classroom?  Also, the instructor pronounces a lot of stuff incorrectly.  I’m not sure if he is reading from a script, or knows the material but just has a weird accent.

  9. Guest 2 says:

    “X plus two equals the 4, four minus one equals the Y”? Is anyone else hacing an issue understanding this person? I’ll stick with Stanford.

  10. facebook-1249957286 says:

    Where is the links?

  11. prof_peabody says:

    This seems kind of shabby to me.  CultofMac promoting deals and giveaways is just tacky, tacky, tacky.  Are you guys really that desperate for money?  does the author get a cut? 

  12. Hernandezed says:

    hmm, I think you can get all this for free from the iTunes University Stanford courses for free.

  13. Hernandezed says:

    Oh, did I mention you can get these for FREE!

  14. Buster says:

    no, I don’t get a cut

  15. harmo tend says:

    Can only do iOS dev on Mac.

  16. Willy Pimentel says:

    Besides the selling points here?  Are you able to learn and write an usefull app like a twag app or endgegged ap by taking this course?

  17. Meme says:

    Agree. This person is too hard to hear. I have some familiarity with programming terms and general structure, but if he said something I’m unfamiliar with I would be puzzled by the accent. He is trying to enunciate carefully, I’ll give him that, but what’s with the whisper voice? Is he somewhere that won’t allow him to speak any louder? That and the knocking sounds — if you are going to make an AUDIO of a complex subject don’t make your listeners use all their mental powers trying to screen out the noise and understand your speech!

  18. Brandon Dillon says:

    Why is that you never post anything positive here? Seriously, take your anti-American trolling self somewhere else, since you hate this blog and the writers so much.

  19. Buster says:

    I enjoy Prof. Peabody’s opinions…even if they usually tend to be critical, I rarely take offense to his trolling.

  20. Jordan Clay says:

    Agree man,  He does absolutely NOTHING to contribute to any conversations.  He just pisses and moans. I have yet to read one interesting or informative comment.

  21. Matthew Sprygada says:

    You would be puzzled by his accent???? You would have never made it at the college I went to. Only one of my professors had what you would call no accent. You either learned to listen better or you failed. This is the norm in IT anyway as would say that 50% of the people that I work with have thick accents. You have to be able to listen to what they say, think about what they said, and at the same time keep listening to what they are saying now as you are processing what they said 5 seconds ago. 

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