Netflix’s Radically Redesigned New iPad App Looks Amazing


  • sean808080

    Hopefully they’ve enabled AirPlay otherwise it’s of limited use.

  • John Neumann

    I’d still like to see some sort of link up with IMDB. I prefer watching movies by following favorite actors but the previous NF iPad app was useless in this and other regards. 

  • dpilk

    Why not just use the native Netflix app on the ATV?

  • josh1314

    Beware, they’ll soon be splitting this into a new company called Tabster.

  • Jon

    This is WAY overdue. Netflix iOS support has been buggy at best.

  • sean808080

    It’s not available on the original AppleTV and no jail breaking solutions are able to implement Netflix. AirPlay is working on it though.

  • Shane Bryson

    Why would you need airplay? If you have an Apple TV you can already stream Netflix. The only reason I can see is if you have a first gen Apple TV but Netflix isn’t supported on the device so why add something to support an older device? Airplay for Netflix would be a waste of valuable development resources.

  • heywally

    This is very good and the image quality on the iPad is great. Unfortunately, Netflix’s streaming content quality continues to get worse, as their contracts run out and aren’t replaced with more expensive ones. The unlimited streaming model only works when the content isn’t so great.

  • guyfromtrinidad

    yes cult of mac the new android tablet netflix app looks amazing and handles well.  In fact the screenshot you used looks very similar to my android app. A good job of burying the lead that android users got this update today and the ipad version is weeks away. We know that ipads rule but give us android tablet users a small victory

    Sent from my android tablet :)

  • CorkChop

    Um, you’re right that Netflix isn’t available on the orginal AppleTv but neither is AirPlay.

  • CorkChop

    Um, you’re right that Netflix isn’t available on the orginal AppleTv but neither is AirPlay.

  • Garren

    The current app is pretty sorry. Now if they could just bolster their support for subtitles in streaming movies AND put together a recommendation engine that’s 1/4th of what Amazon has, they’ll be in good shapte. 

  • Shanny Becerra

    I’m surprised your battery lasted long enough to type out that whole message!

  • Monica82

    I agree, Heywally, the app is very sleek and new but the streaming library is still the same limited library. Netflix is responsible for my discovery of the joys of streaming media but let me down too many times. After realizing that Netflix just didn’t have a selection of movies I actually wanted to watch, I cancelled their services and searched for a streaming replacement. Thankfully, one came to me when my employer, DISH, came out with Blockbuster @Home, then known as the Blockbuster Movie Pass. I figured I had nothing to lose and was not disappointed. Not only did the $10 a month service include streaming services but it also gave me over 20 movie channels and use of their disc by mail service. I use Blockbuster @Home to this day and recommend it to everyone.