Two Weeks Late, iTunes Match and iTunes 10.1 Finally Go Live For Everyone! [Update]


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Two weeks late, Apple’s match-and-mirror music in the cloud service iTunes Match has finally launched while retaining its beta status. In the meantime, iTunes 10.5.1 for both Windows and Mac has been released, so get downloading if you intend on using iTunes Match.

On Mac, the iTunes 10.5.1 update is 102MB, and is available now on the official iTunes homepage or through Software Update.

iTunes Match is Apple’s much anticipated cloud music service. For $24.99 a year, users can match any of the songs on their hard drive into the cloud to be redownloadable on any iOS or Mac device in 256Kbps AAC CD quality, even if their original track was of much lower quality.

iTunes Match is launching as a beta service. However, for subscribing to iTunes Match Beta, we hear you get 15 months of service instead of just 12. Not a bad deal, but be warned that Apple will delete your iTunes Match library at the end of the beta, meaning you’ll have to go through the matching process all over again.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve found that Apple has been having problems getting iTunes Match’s mirroring service to work reliably. We’ll report back and let you know if they’ve worked out the kinks.

  • jjlharrison

    For everyone or for the US?

  • Karla876865

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  • robgilgan

    Both iTunes and Software Update report that my installed version (10.5) is the current version. This is likely to protect me from the disappointment of (re)discovering that iTunes Match is U.S. only, at least for the moment. It’s not a big deal for me – when I listen to music, it’s mostly at my desktop. 

  • Stephen Hawkins

    Use this and you can DL 10.5.1 directly from Apple.

  • Stephen Hawkins

    You can DL directly from apple here:

  • Ger12

    Not in my country

  • Ken Hughes

    iTunes Match appears to have already buckled under heavy demands. They’ve already suspended new subscriptions with a “Check back later” message. :(

  • ElSaborAsiatico

    Something I have not been able to find info on — is there any limit on the number of songs that can be “matched”? Is it unlimited?

  • Abc

    U$ only, plus you need latest iTunes 10.5.1 and Mac OS X LION

  • barryson

    yea true but u can still subscribe

  • FriarNurgle

    Meh, I’ll keep my 25 bucks. 

  • larrymadill

    I think it is 24,000

  • larrymadill

    I am going to wait for December or maybe January to sign up. I suspect that there will be kinks.

  • ElVox

    Articles when it was announced said 25,000 songs

  • Oliver Mussett

    I had to download direct as Software Update didn’t find anything?

  • Gene

    Why are there references to the beta version and having libraries deleted in this post?
    They launched the release version today, not a new beta. There are no longer any notices that your uploads will be deleted. That penultimate paragraph should probably be removed.

  • Brooke Becker Habecker

    Me too and I’m in the US.

  • jgr627

    my libary is currently sitting at the 50,000+ mark… iTunes match for me :-( 

  • vanmacguy

    Like others, Software Update told me there was nothing new. So I went to the web and downloaded 10.5.1 and installed it but no references are made anywhere to Match.

    So I’m assuming it’s US only for now?

    Anyone else?

  • Dynamitejet

    Everyone? No. Not even near. US only. Rest of world has to wait… as usual.

    EVERY site I have read this afternoon has said the same thing. We are NOT all American, and Cult of Mac is not a US only website. You should reflect this in your reporting. 

  • Mitchell Busby


  • Jritzhe

    Does anyone know if all of the tags and album artwork will stay with your updated songs if you drop the service after a year?

  • CharliK

    matched. no. there is a limit to how many can be uploaded which is 25k. 

    that said, if you have more than 25k in your library the service will reject you. based on the notion that if all of your songs fail to match you are screwed out of your money. 

    I have a very large library thanks to ripping all mine, my dad’s etc CDs over the years. most of that in rather crap quality cause I didn’t know any better. Comes out to about 40k songs. So I was rejected. What I did was delete about half the files from my library (kept the media but removed the listing). I did it with everything in order by artist to make it easier to find what was missing. So with only 20k in my library I signed up. Let that load and now I’m tossing back in a few artists at a time and letting the system match them. so far only perhaps 50 have come out not in the system and I’m 3/4 done

  • Harley

    Geesh.  And how many years have the early adopters been piling up music in their Library.  I guess it’s not a surprise.  As Apple goes wider and wider, their target audience shifts too — mostly newbies with little libraries, easily matched.

    For those us with over a 100k songs?  We continue to wait for a better platform than iTunes.  Sorta like the Holy Grail.

  • ElVox

    If by “early adopter” you mean you’ve bought 100k songs from iTunes store, then you don’t have to worry…those don’t count against your iTunes Match limit.

    If by “early adopter” you mean ripped 100,000 songs from your CDs, then you are outside Apple’s intended market.

    If by “early adopter” you mean you pirated 100,000 songs…go ahead and upload them to Google Music, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process.

  • Chris Heffley

    Talk about a day late and a dollar short. Google music will do this exact same service…free. I’ve been using it all week. Works perfect. Removed all the music from my phone and uploaded it to the “cloud” 20,000 songs…FREE.