Apple’s Genius Bar to Trade MacBook Pros for iPads [Rumor]



A trademark feature at Apple retail stores all over the world is the Genius Bar. Operated by a group of Apple experts, the Genius Bar allows any Mac or iOS device owner to take their device to their nearest Apple store and get technical help, repairs, or replacements.

Along with Apple experts, the Genius Bar sports a line of MacBook Pros which Apple staff use to diagnose problems, order parts for repairs, check the status of your product’s warranty, and more. In this “post-PC” era, however, those MacBook Pros are set to be replaced by the iPad.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, from this week Apple retail stores in a number of markets will be replacing the MacBook Pros on their Genius Bars for the iPad. The tablet is expected to mirror the functionality currently provided by the notebook, and “not only make the Genius’ job easier, but provide a much better experience for Apple’s customers that are looking for repairs and/or help from the Genius Bar.”

Because the iPad is much more portable than the MacBook Pro, the device will allow Genius staff to deal with technical problems from anywhere within the store. This means users with minor issues won’t have to crowd around the Genius Bar, leaving it open to those who need repairs or replacements.

Because the iPad is smaller, it’ll mean more customers can be served at once:

Typically, the Genius Bar can only service as many people as computers at one time at the Genius Bar. Now, due to the size and price of iPads, Apple could service more people at one time at the Genius Bar by installing multiple iPads.

The Cupertino company is also said to be working on a way in which users can sign their Genius Bar invoices on the iPad, rather than paper — just like the EasyPay system currently employed in Apple stores which allows customers to sign for goods on an iPod touch.

If you’ve noticed the Genius Bar in your local Apple store has scrapped its MacBook Pros for iPads, be sure to let us know.

  • Chris

    so you have to be able to type well on an iPad to work at the genius bar…I wouldn’t want to miss my keyboard

  • Rongon

    Misleading title…

  • Yousaf Khan

    Lol Rongon is right. I thought I could switch my MacbookPro for an iPad. 

  • esaruoho

    Misleading title – I thought I might face the risk of taking my MacBookPro to a Genius bar and them insisting on switching it to an iPad.

  • Tim Meesseman

    I was there yesterday getting my iPhone 4S replaced, and I can confirm that he used an iPad to place all orders and look at manuals. Also, I noticed the app he was using was not iPad native yet (it was iPhone emulated), so when I asked him about it, he said “yeah, but that’s all about to change.”

    I’m fairly certain this rumor is true.

  • Tim Meesseman

    I’m sure they’d give you a bluetooth keyboard if you insisted.

  • Un_FollowMe

    It’s not a rumor, it’s true, i was at the APPLE store in SoHo, and most of the Geniuses used iPads, very few Macs were on the desks 

  • Aj Tk427

    Yah, totally worded incorrectly, I thought it was going to be something about being able to take an old Macbook Pro and swap it for an iPad.

    Correct Title “Apple Geniuses to start using iPads instead of Macbook Pros”

  • ErinsDad

    I’m torturing my ‘Monday-Morning-Brain’ for something snarky to write, and I can’t think of a thing – – This move by Apple makes sense.  My visits to the Genius Bar have been scary efficient, super polite, instructive and left me happy.  If the Genius Bar offered Bombay Sapphire Gin-and-Tonics, it would be my perfect place.

  • CharliK

    they have been doing mobile devices like this for a while. Now they are moving to also doing computer repair paperwork via the iPad. They use a net boot system for diagnostics anyway so all they were doing was looking up the names in the queue and writing up repairs. 

    The mobile folks were on iPod touches so they might stay on those or go to iPads at some point. But their notes are often less complex compared to a computer so that might be why the computer guys are going iPad from the start. 

    And it isn’t just about space. it’s about perception and noise. Many folks feel like that counter is defensive. ANd they can’t really hear over the noise. Moving the genius out to literally stand next to the customer lessens both. 

  • CharliK

    It’s not that hard if you bother to practice a little. 

  • SmittyRedcard

    This is so true. All the whiners, as soon as they actually spend an hour or two typing on an iPad virtual keyboard, come away liking it and not caring that it’s glass. Those with muscle control issues or visually handicapped or just generally resistant to change are the only ones I’ve seen that fail to adapt.

  • rod griffiths

    I signed in to the genius bar in Birmingham UK this week and they used an iPad. On the actual bar there was a mixture of pads and MacBooks, which they used seemed to depend on the problem..

  • AlisonGilbert

    Great post. I will definitely have to go to the Genius bar and check it out.