See What’s Really Running On Your iPhone [Review]



You know about Activity Monitor for your Mac, right? How would you like to have an Activity Monitor for your iPhone too? Something like Activity Monitor Touch might do the trick.

Inside it, you’ll find smart-looking charts and graphs for your device’s processor and memory usage, battery level and uptime, and a list of running processes.

One fun trick is to quit some background apps while viewing the memory usage page – you’ll see the used memory bar shrinking down as you tap wiggling app icons in the running-apps tray at the bottom of the screen. (To get to it, double-tap your device’s home button, then tap-and-hold on any of the icons you see.)

20111111 activitymonitor2

There are two versions of the app: the paid version, currently $2, and a free version that offers just general info and battery usage.

On the battery page, there’s an alarm icon – tap this, and your device will alert you when it’s fully charged.

Unlike the desktop app, this doesn’t let you meddle with running apps directly. You can’t quit processes from the list of what’s running, for example. But you can see that list in full, including all the internals and system processes that are usually kept hidden from view.

[xrr rating=80%]

  • Blackbird737

    wow this app has been out for ever they just found this,
    although its a great app and remains on my iphone to date

  • bolehillbilly

    istat does similar stuff, used it for a server and found the iOS monitor a pleasing extra.

  • Sroach6

    Is it really good?

  • Blackbird737

    its fun to watch the processor percentage chart when your doing something demanding on your phone, its the best system manager i have found for the iphone, although it wont let you clear the ram or anything like that (which i actually perfer)

  • snakes

    is ther somwehere a better app for this? or is this the best for cpu and memory usage

  • Metroview

    A better alternative is System Status, which has been out for a while and is so much better than this.

  • PoggyMonster

    Won’t almost all of this app’s functionality be lost by sandboxing?

  • prof_peabody

    You know you are really old-school (or maybe just old) if you use an app like this.  It’s a system manager for a computer system that doesn’t need to be, and actually can’t be, managed.  

    Buy this app for the comfort it brings or the entertainment value only.  It sure has no useful purpose.

  • Juan2X

    i’m good with sbsettings but thanks

  • prof_peabody

    Except sbsettings does completely different things from this app and requires a jailbreak. But probably you just wanted to brag about jail breaking anyway and knew all that.

  • Lordthree

    Sbsettings does EVERYTHING this does and a lot more. You don’t know wtf you’re talking about.

  • Andy Murdock

    Does Sbsettings turn all it’s users into rude jerks?

  • Lordthree

    I dunno what’s rude. Guy said this performed different functions that sbsettings. It does not. People who claim knowledge but spout lies should stfu

  • Marcus Schoen

    Also, you should get Process Killer. it frees up ram with the pull of a tab. It works. It shows more open ram, even when using this app

  • Pkfontenot

    Ha, good one!

  • Duabi

    I was not much aware about this thing but now by reading your post I will definitely focus on it. It is an important thing to keep your applications safe and sound. The information is really useful specially for new that are not much aware about this process. Thanks for such a nice sharing.

  • Marciton

    and he allow the access to the syslog !!! that’s realy useful